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Essential Guide For Students Coming To Study In Australia

The year I spend studying in Australia was one of the highlights of my experiences as a university student. I arrived in the country for the first time, not knowing what to expect. I thought I would share a few of my observations, as I think students about to embark on this experience may be able to benefit from my experiences.

Finding Accommodations

When you arrive in Australia, your first challenge will be to find a place to stay. There are a couple of ways to go about this. You can make arrangements for accommodations beforehand, perhaps through the college where you will be studying. Some programs can arrange on or off-campus housing for you. There is also the possibility of arranging a stay with a host family.

Essential Guide For Students Coming To Study In Australia

Another approach is to find temporary accommodations when you arrive in Australia and then seek out something longer term. In this case, you should find a hostel or inexpensive hotel where you can stay for a week or so and use this as your home base while you search for a room or apartment.

Some of the factors you must consider when seeking your housing include:

  • Convenience – It’s best to choose a place that’s close to campus. Obviously, if you’re going to be living on campus this isn’t an issue. If you’re going to be off campus, however, you should make sure you’re not a long way from where your classes will be.
  • Cost – You must factor in the cost of housing when calculating your overall budget for studying abroad.
  • Furnishings – Some accommodations are fully furnished while others require you to bring some of your own furniture and necessities.
  • Live Alone or With a Roommate? – This will affect the cost of housing. Having a roommate is more affordable and can help you feel less lonely in a new country. On the other hand, if privacy is very important to you it might be worth it to find your own place.


Transportation is something that’s very important when you arrive in a new place. In all likelihood, you won’t be driving a car. This means you will have to depend on walking, bicycles, taxis or local public transportation. You should do a little research on this beforehand so you know what to expect.

Essential Guide For Students Coming To Study In Australia

When you arrive, you should take some time to familiarize yourself with your new surroundings. Make sure you learn about buses, trains or trams that are nearby and where they can take you. This can help you find stores and places of interest that you may want to visit.

Adjusting to a Different Culture

When arriving in a new country, there will always be a certain amount of culture shock. This is particularly true when you aren’t simply a tourist but planning to stay for a while. When I began studying in Australia, I soon realized that, for a time at least, I was essentially going to be living like an Australian.

You will probably meet people from many different countries while studying in Australia. This at least means you won’t feel like a total outsider. Moreover, Australians, in general, are quite friendly and hospitable. This makes it easy to feel at home in their country after a short time. At the same time, you will have to make some effort at socializing and making new friends.

Essential Guide For Students Coming To Study In Australia

Don’t get so wrapped up in your studies that you neglect the social side of college life. Go out to some local pubs, join a club on campus that’s devoted to a sport or hobby in which you’re interested. Getting involved in campus life will help you feel more acclimated.

Enjoy Your Time in Australia

The best single piece of advice I can provide you with is to be open to new experiences. Keep track of your thoughts, share them on your blog, or even write a short story. If you arrive with too many expectations, you may be disappointed. There’s only so much you can learn about another country by reading about it. This is especially true of a country as large and diverse as Australia. I am very glad I spent a year studying in Australia, and I suspect the majority of people who have this experience feel the same way.

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