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How Can Filtered Water Save You From Health Problems?

How Can Filtered Water Save You From Health Problems?

Water coming out from taps consists of a bunch of contaminants that render it unfit for drinking. So, if you happen to be drinking tap water without subjecting it to an efficient filtering element such as a water filter cartridge, you are directly posing health risks upon yourself and your loved ones. Let us look at the most common pollutants found in tap water and their dangerous health effects:


Tap water gathers lead from old pipelines coated with it. Once consumed, it is driven out very slowly from human bodies and thus, it can get accumulated and lead to various health issues. Moreover, it gets easily absorbed by children and can cause learning troubles, slowed growth, anemia, and lower IQ in children. On the other hand ingested lead in pregnant women can cause premature birth and in adults, it can cause increased blood pressure and reproductive problems.


Water is made to undergo chlorination before it comes out of our taps. The purpose of chlorination is to kill harmful microbes but studies show that excess chlorine in water reacts with the organic matter found in it and creates carcinogenic compounds such as Trihalomethanes. It is thus, necessary to drink water that is free from chlorine.


Pesticides enter the groundwater by irrigation activities. Since they do not undergo breakdown, they remain intact and thus, reach domestic pipelines and taps easily. They pose serious long-term health effects in the form of cancer, and adverse effects on kidneys, liver, and the nervous system.


The heavy element is found in its inorganic form in rocks and soil, from where it enters ground and surface water. Long-term exposure to Arsenic in drinking can engender serious problems such as cancer, skin problems, and leg diseases.


In the absence of an effective disinfection process, the water from your taps can be filled with harmful pathogens such as bacteria, viruses, and parasites. These pathogens can cause gastrointestinal illnesses when ingested.


Aluminium in your drinking water can cause skin problems, liver disease, hyperactivity, Parkinson’s disease, and learning disabilities in children.

Looking at the aforementioned contaminants and their health effects, you probably would like to go out for bottled drinking water. But, unfortunately, 40% of the bottled drinking water contains tap water. Not to mention that the plastic of these bottles consists of the harmful chemical bisphenol, which has been found to cause learning problems, early puberty in boys and girls, and even breast cancer. So what is the safest option that is available to us?

The perfect answer would be the water that is obtained from taps equipped with a filtration system. Moreover, an efficient filtration system must be able to remove most commonly found contaminants such as the ones listed above and also retain essential minerals. Fortunately, with the coming of Filter Taps In UK and across the world, water that is both, filtered and not devoid of essential minerals has become an easily available resource.

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