10 Beer Drinking Tips You Never Knew About

Beer drinking has been around longer than most people can imagine. The consumption of beer can be traced back to the early Neolithic period. Beer is the world’s most widely consumed alcoholic beverage. I want to inform you on some interesting beer drinking tips that I have found to be beneficial throughout my drinking career.

Due to many long drinking nights and even more hungover mornings, I have discovered some tips about drinking beer that every beer drinker should know. It is important to drink more responsibly as you become a seasoned drinker. These tips will make your drinking habits better by adding a few simple techniques.

1. Learn the history of beer

The first thing to do when attempting to improve your drinking habits is to learn the history of beer. Learning the history makes you appreciate the consumption of beer. The craft of making beer and its old age will grab your attention. The history of beer dates all the way back to Ancient Egypt.

2. Put your eyes on the beer

Next, when tasting a beer it is paramount to look at the beer and observe it. Look at the color and appreciate the work that was put into your beer. This simple technique helps you mentally prepare for a beer and triggers your brain functions to help intensify the taste.

3. Smell the beer

After observing the beer, Smell the beer before drinking it. The close relationship between taste and smell is most apparent in how we perceive flavors. Interactions between the senses of taste and smell enhance our perceptions.

4. Swirl the beer

After you have smelled the beer, put a finger in the beer and swirl the beer around. Swirling the beer around loosens the carbonation. Basically what I am saying is that you should use all of your senses before experiencing the beer. This will provide you with a better taste.

5. The glass

There are plenty of ways to decipher the quality of a beer. Before drinking your beer, tilt the glass to the side and pour. If the foam attaches to the side of the glass then that is usually a sign that you are drinking a high quality of beer. The glass shape is very important. The shape of the glass can influence how quickly your beer warms up, and can affect the beer experience. To appreciate a beer it need to be poured in the proper glass. For example, an oversized wine glass is perfect for serving Belgian Ales. Most importantly when choosing the correct glass, use a clean glass. Dirty glass may inhibit the taste of your beer.

6. Reflect on the taste

Once you have discovered the quality your beer, you may now taste the beer. When consuming the beer, move it around in your mouth before swallowing. Attempt to figure out what the taste may remind you of.

7. How bitter is your beer

Next, discover how bitter the taste is, and understand that the bitter taste of beer comes from the family of the same plant that marijuana comes from. Therefore, the more bitter the taste, the more potent the drink.

8. Moderate beer drinking

One thing that many people do not know about beer is that beer drinkers live longer. Everyone seems to think that beer is so bad for your health but that is not true. Actually, moderate beer drinking is good for your health. Notice i said moderate beer drinking is good for you. Most people understand that the consumption of too much beer is not good. What they do not understand is that medical research shows that not drinking at all may not be good for you as well. According to a number of independent studies, moderate beer drinkers live longer than average.

9. A beer diet

Many people believe that beer is high in calories, but that is not always true. If beer was your only source of nutrition, you would have to drink one every hour that you are awake to reach your daily dose of calories. The average full calorie beer only has about one hundred fifty calories which is the same as a glass of orange juice.

10. The advantages of beer

In conclusion, it is important to remember these important facts when learning to become a seasoned beer drinker. If you do not remember any of the things that we previously mentioned, remember this D. Beer prevents heart attacks, and it also helps fight cancer. Most of all beer helps you chill which lowers your stress level. I know you want to reduce the stress in your life, so drink more beer and drink more responsibly my friends.

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