10 Reasons To Choose An Antique Engagement Ring

10 Reasons To Choose An Antique Engagement Ring

If you’re getting engagement or have already been asked the big question then an engagement ring is bound to be on your shopping list. The good thing about buying such an important piece of jewellery is that there something to suit everyone. No matter your style preference, what metal you would like it made from and indeed the budget you have to spend, you’ll be able to find something perfect. If you’re looking for something special then an antique engagement ring from CarusJewellery  could be just what you’re searching for.

The Excitement of Shopping For Something Just Perfect

Shopping for antique jewellery is a different experience to wandering the high street and just picking something from there. Every piece of jewellery is different and you’ll be life wondering about the stories behind them. It is a real thrill to find the perfect piece of antique jewellery, knowing you will be wearing something hundreds of years old.

You Get Something Unique

Everyone has different tastes and style when it comes to jewellery, but if you are shopping from traditional jewellers then you know that other people are going to have chosen and will be wearing the same engagement ring as you. When you shop antique, you’re buying something that was made before mass production of jewellery, so you’re getting something unique! Especially when combined with the fact that not all jewellery from so long ago will be around in modern times. You’re getting something unique, what could be better for such an important purchase?

They Are Exquisitely Made

The love and craft that went into making such luxury jewellery from so long ago is phenomenal.
Antique engagement rings tend to be adorned with so many jewels and sparkle like no other. The quality of these is amazing, which shows in just how well they have survived such long periods in history, still around for us to wear today. You don’t often get such quality pieces these days with manufacturing being done in mass – so this really is the opportunity to invest in something that you know is going to be worthwhile – and they all look amazing, so it’s a win-win situation really!

They’re Made Differently

There is no doubt that jewellery like this isn’t made the same as they are now. The cut of the
diamond is less precise, you get broader pieces. These were designed to come to life in candlelight, so you’ll notice how they shine differently in the light – reflecting perfectly. People won’t be able to help but comment on how much they sparkle. These aren’t like modern pieces, they’ll really stand out as being different and that is part of what makes them so beautiful.

They All Have a Story

Depending on the ring you choose, some of the engagement rings have been around for 100 years or more. When you purchase one, you’ll be buying something that is packed full of history. Maybe the ring has been on the finger of someone famous? Maybe part of a tragic love story? You mightnever know, but that won’t stop you wondering!

People Can’t Copy

Everyone loves to be influenced by others these days. People will see your beautiful ring and they’re bound to want something similar. They’ll compliment your ring and ask where you got it from. As much as no one likes to admit to being a bragger, it will feel really good to say “Thank you, I’m glad you like it, it’s a one of a kind antique”.
It doesn’t matter how much they like it, they’re very unlikely to be able to get something the same!

You Can Keep It In The Family

There is no denying that buying an antique engagement ring is an investment. However, these
pieces are designed to last, so you know you’re making a worthwhile investment. You can even plan to pass it down to others in your family. It is likely to have been passed down through families before, so you’ll be continuing the tradition in your own family, which is a really lovely thing to do.Memories are something that money can’t buy, so having something special that can be passed down through family members really is something so special.

They’re Personal

When you’re buying one of these rings, they’re a real personal choice. They’re all made differently, yes they may have the imperfections that come from being made by hand, but that is just a small part of their beauty. These are all designed and made with love. Real craftsmanship went into them, so you know you’re getting something perfectly imperfect. It is a feeling like no other to have a ring that you know no one else will have – and when you’re buying a ring for such an important occasion,
what could be better?

They’re Stunning

There are so many different antique engagement rings out there and they’re all beautiful. Made
from diamonds that sparkle, metal that shines and crafted with love, you’re getting something that is unique. You only have to look at a couple of the ones that are for sale and you’ll see that they are luxuriously beautiful.

You Deserve It

It’s not every day you get engaged so it stands to reason you’ll want the ring you deserve. Love is something that should be celebrated especially in these current times. There are so many reasons why you should treat yourself to an antique engagement ring; however, the fact that you deserve one should probably be top of the list!
If you’re looking to shop around for an antique engagement ring, or indeed any sort of antique
jewellery then a trip to Carus Jewellery is in order. They have a second to none range of beautiful antique jewellery. Whatever type of jewellery you’re looking for you, you can be sure that Carus Jewellery will have something to suit you perfectly. If you have any favourite Carus Jewellery pieces let us know be.

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