3 Important Times When You Should Consider Buying A New Car

3 Important Times When You Should Consider Buying A New Car

Purchasing a new car is in no way a small affair. You have to consider a lot of things, the most important being what type of car would be the best for you and your lifestyle and whether it would fit your budget.

But besides these factors, there is one more consideration for buying a car: when you should purchase a car. You may not believe but this may have a great impact on your purchase.

If you implement a little patience and thoughtfulness, your car purchase can become far cheaper and easier. A particular time of the year, a day in the week and a time in the day, all these things together can give a buyer a slight edge in the market.

1. End of a Financial Year

You will find a lot of times in a year that are perfect to purchase a car. The first and most important is the end of a financial year.

Each EOFY is a salvoof specials and offerings since car companies try to attract shoppers’ money by lessening prices on vehicles and accessories that are available with them.

EOFY can make a great difference to the success or failure of the overall sale targets of a car dealership and therefore they reduce prices and make heavy promotions.

Customers can be benefited by this a lot as the market becomes far more competitive. Here’s when you should slow down a bit and compare the prices and check if the deals being provided match the model you are longing for.

If they are not, check if you can find a dealer that has a deal matching the one offered by a competitor, e.g. warranty or finance.

2. End of a Year

However, there are a couple of other times in a year that you should consider while buying a car: by the end of the year and beginning of the New Year. In some instances, these are even superior to the EOFYs that are around the midyear.

By the end of the calendar year, car dealers try to clear out their current model-year stock, which becomes more difficult to sell after the New Year.

Vehicles can take an incredibly long time arriving to Australia by boat – a European model could take three months while Korean and Japanese cars can take more than a month.

This indicates an influx of excess by the end of the year since supply can be tough to manage only because of the delay. Since a car having last year’s plates on it can be tougher to move out of a store, they usually offer incentives to try and leave the store.

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3. New Year

The New Year brings new difficulties for car dealers. All cars in Australia have two plates in place in the engine bay. These are a build plate and a compliance plate.

The build plate consists of the vehicle identification number and month and year of manufacture, whereas the compliance plate consists of these details and when the vehicle complied with Australian Design Rules (ADR) and got approval for sale.

Given the fact that cars take time to arrive in Australia, these two dates can be significantly different. And a vehicle with last year’s build plate is typically much more difficult to shift.

The more the vehicle moves into the New Year, the more difficult it becomes to move it on and the dealers know this.

A shrewd buyer who spots the build date of the car they are looking at can usually press more to the price than others; hence be sure to check the build year of the car you are considering.

You should also ensure whether there is no asbestos in your new car. If there is, hire Dazmac Logistics for cleaning your asbestos in cars.

So, consider buying your new car on one of these occasions and get a profitable deal.

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