4 Home Improvements You’ll Need A Plumber’s Help To Complete

4 Home Improvements You'll Need A Plumber's Help To Complete

When you’re spending money getting new appliances or making home changes, you can get tempted to save costs by trying a DIY job. However, there are some jobs that really need a trained hand to complete properly. Otherwise, you may risk causing expensive damage to your property and needing to call in an emergency repair service anyway.

Setting Up a Pool

Major home additions like a pool take a lot more than just digging a hole and filling it with water. You’ll need professional experience to properly set up the intake pipes and filtration. In-ground pools also need to be properly zoned and tested to make sure there is no dangerous contamination from the surrounding ground. All of this requires a professional touch that should not be taken on by a first-timer.

Installing a New Bathroom

When you’re putting a bathroom in an area where there hasn’t been one before, your home plumbing will need to be extended. That means opening up the walls and laying down the right kinds of pipes and valves that are generally only ever seen and handled by professional plumbers. Major changes like this shouldn’t be taken on by amateurs, otherwise you may have to hire a plumber to come back and redo all of the work later if it is done wrong. Doing it yourself also leaves a great risk for leaking pipes that can cause mold growth inside the walls. Overall, any major change to your home plumbing should be handled by a professional.

Connecting Your Fridge With the Plumbing

Some refrigerators connect to your home plumbing so that it can make its own ice and distribute water without requiring a refill. If your home has previously housed a fridge that can do this, then you might be able to make the connection yourself using pre-existing piping. However, if you don’t have the pipes and necessary lines already connected in your kitchen plumbing, you’ll want to hire a professional to come and put everything in properly.

Outdoor Drinking Fountain

As many parks contain drinking fountains set up outdoors for people to use, many families have taken up the idea to provide a drinking fountain for their own use in their back yard. These are typically installed close to the house to avoid unnecessary pipe use, but the process is still complex enough that you’ll want a plumber to handle it. Digging up the ground, laying down the necessary pipework, and adding proper insulation to prevent from winter damage should all be handled by a professional to avoid unnecessary damage to the project and to the home itself.

While some projects can be done on your own, such as replacing a faucet or clearing a plugged drain, any major change to your home needs to be done and overseen by a professional. This will not only save you countless dollars in the long run, but also protect your home from avoidable damage.

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