4 Tips For Cleaning The Highest Windows In Your Home

4 Tips For Cleaning The Highest Windows In Your Home

Multi-story homes are beautiful and spacious, creating an inviting space for friends and family to gather. One of the challenges of a multi-story home, however, is cleaning the windows located on the upper levels. Without clean windows, people in your home won’t be able to take advantage of the great views afforded by the windows spaced strategically around the exterior. Therefore, it’s important that you’re able to find a solution that allows you to clean your upper-level windows safely. To help you tackle this task, here are a few suggestions for cleaning the highest windows in your home.

Use an Extension Handle

If you don’t mind working above your head, then an extension handle attached to a scrub brush can make a great solution for cleaning your windows. One major advantage of this solution is that you’ll be able to stay on the ground while cleaning your windows, avoiding any major safety risks. The main challenge of this approach is that working above your head can be quite difficult, especially if it’s not something you do regularly.

Use a Lift

If you have a multitude of upper-level windows, then a boom lift may be your best bet for keeping them clean. A boom lift provides a stable, flat surface from which to clean your windows. The large platform of a boom lift allows you to keep all your cleaning supplies with you, meaning that you can complete your cleaning job quickly. The downside to this approach is that your yard may be torn up by the wheels of the boom lift, especially if it has rained recently.


If you don’t want to risk turning your yard into a muddy mess, then scaffolding may be your best option. Scaffolding is a good solution because it provides a large platform on which to place your necessary supplies. Additionally, scaffolding is quite flexible, meaning you can build it as high as you need it. The downside of scaffolding is that it can take quite some time to assemble properly, meaning your project may take more time than you bargained for.

Get New Windows

By far, the easiest solution for cleaning upper-level windows is to install windows that tilt in for easy cleaning. This solution is also the safest, as you will neither be working from an elevated height nor above your head. Additionally, you can clean your windows without leaving the comfort of your home, thoroughly protecting your home’s exterior. Plus, you have immediate access to all the supplies you need. Of course, a downside to this approach is that if you don’t already have tilt-in windows, they can be quite expensive to obtain.

Safety First

No matter how you choose to clean your upper-level windows, safety should be your first priority. Anytime height is involved in a project, there is a risk for serious injuries. Therefore, as you choose the best solution for your needs, keep in mind what you’ll be able to handle comfortably and safely to ensure you and your windows end up in one piece at the end of the project.

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