5 Effective Methods To Keep Your Hedges Trimmed

So you’re hedges need to be trimmed and you want to save money and do it yourself? Hedges are a great way to define the borders of your home in an appealing way. They keep children and pets in or out, as well as provide a place for birds to nest and seek shelter. However, they can be hard to maintain, especially if they are above eye level.

They need regular watering, feeding, and pruning to look at their best. Trimming your own hedges can be intimidating but a trimmed hedge will improve the aspect of your backyard or garden. It’s important to make sure you use the right method when trimming. Here are the most popular methods and the correct tools used to create a beautifully trimmed hedge.

Choose Plants that Lend Themselves to Making a Hedge

First things first, if you are starting from scratch ensure you choose plants that lend themselves to making a hedge. You want to pick plants that are going to grow upright and tightly together. They should also be able to tolerate frequent shearing and trimming. When it comes to maintenance choose plants that are right for you. Choose a hedge that will grow to eye level which will make maintenance easier. Otherwise you should be prepared to climb a ladder to prune the top of the hedge.

Trim Hedges with Electric and Hand Cutters

When trimming your hedges there are a few techniques you should keep in mind. You can find an electric brush cutter online, they are great for quickly and neatly tidying up your hedges. Using a brush cutter is a great method for stimulating bud production near the plants edges. Creating a beautifully full and luscious hedge. Keep in mind that you also want interior growth for your shrubs. Each time you trim your hedges ensure you are also using hand prunes to create some space in the hedges for the sun and air to get through. Every few feet, reach inside and clip a branch or two at a 45-degree angle. Ensure that you cut just above a nub that is growing in the direction you want to encourage.

Ensure you Prune at the Right Time

You should prune your hedges during the winter time, in particular, late winter. You don’t want the buds on your hedges to break before you prune them. This will only result in the plant’s energy being wasted. You want the plant’s energy going toward producing new growth where you want it. If you take off a plant’s buds, you’re cutting off spent energy, and it will take longer for the hedge to fill out. Wait until the day after blooms turn brown, that way the plant will have time to set buds for next year.

Ensure the Top of the Hedge is Narrower

It’s important to maintain your hedges so that they are wider at the bottom and smaller at the top. The top of the hedge is where they receive the most sunlight which means that’s where they tend to grow bigger. However, if left untrimmed is will result in a v shaped hedge. Which means the top will shade the lower branches and they won’t receive sunlight and will produce less foliage. Whether you prefer that the top is flat, pointed or rounded, a sheared hedge should always be wider at the bottom.

Although hedges are beautiful, they require significant maintenance to sustain their shape. If you are looking to add value to your home or are simply looking to enhance your garden, a hedge can be a great option. It is important to consider the type of plant and the tools you need if you are looking to implement this plant in your landscaping. Once you have pinned those points down, it is totally worth it!

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