5 Of The Most Romantic Proposals Of All Time

The day of your wedding proposal is likely to be one of the most romantic days of your life. Some wedding proposals are very unique, while others are understated but have a heavy measure of beauty to them. The sooner you get proposed, the sooner you can visit ukweddingsavings.co.uk  and get started with wedding planning. Here are five of the most romantic proposals or ways that people have proposed of all time.

Making the Proposal into a Film

Imagine going into a movie theater to see a movie and the movie being your engagement. Some people have rented out a movie theater and live streamed a proposal to their significant other. This is a special way to go about making an ordinary day extraordinary. It is also a perfect way to have a keepsake from a proposal, by professional video tape.

At the Top of the Eiffel Tower

Since the Eiffel tower was open for business, it has seen hundreds of proposals. There is something magical about proposing at the top of the tower that makes the situation entirely romantic. Taking your loved one up and having flowers and an engagement ring waiting is likely to make them happy beyond measure. If you want to make it extra special, buy tickets for your family to join you on the vacation.

A Written Letter

Many historical engagements, including royal engagements, were created on pen and paper. Practice writing with a fountain pen and purchase a piece of old scroll. Penning down your proposal in old English on old paper will provide you both with a keepsake and something unique to pass down to your children. Have the letter hand delivered for bonus points.

Midnight Stroll

Midnight is a time for lovers to be together. Make sure you and your spouse to be get rest during the day and take a midnight stroll by the water. Proposing at the stroke of midnight as the waves splash playfully on the sand is the perfect backdrop for getting a yes to your questions. If you want to get it done a little before midnight, set up a picnic or a candlelit table with dessert to enjoy as the sun is setting. With this type of scene, you are sure to set up a proposal that takes place in the height of romance.

Family and Friends Sing-a-long

A sing along to a famous or trendy dance tune seems like a fun thing to do with family and friends. Many people are now turning this into a proposal. Get your family and friends to practice a routine that will help ask your intended for their hand in marriage. You can go to your favorite place and perform a short flash mob dance to ask for their hand in marriage. You can also set up a special day where you take a ride to a location and the song and dance happens in this place. If you would prefer to get engaged with the help of family and friends, a proposal flash mop is the perfect place to make this happen.

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