5 Places Not to Miss While in Croatia

Croatia has all the reasons to boast as one of the world’s largest tourist destination. This beautifully created country has all attractions that one needs to enjoy while in a tour right from gorgeous beaches, spectacular architecture, friendly local people to great incredible culture. In fact, the country recorded a tremendous increase in the number of tourists in the recent past. In 2013, it received 14 million visitors up from 11.3million of the previous season. Some of the places not to miss while in this great country include:

1. Plitvice Lakes

It is amazing that this beautiful area with spectacular scenery has remained unknown to many tourists especially those from Europe who travel far looking for places of natural beauty while leaving a giant one at home. With the countless waterfalls that cascade downwards from high cliffs and from lakes dotted around the lake, you will definitely not want to miss the charm of this popular Plitvice lakes.

2. Dubrovnik Walls

You should not by any chance miss to walk along these walls of the great city near the sea. Since the time they were raised, these walls still remain strong to protect the famous city from any kind of attack. Moreover, you should not forget to check out fortresses and towers along the beautiful walls.

3. Mljet Island

If you have always yearned to one day land on a stunning place and get stranded on a nice sunny island then Mljet is the place you must start getting serious about visiting. In fact, history has it that this eighth largest island is where the forsaken hero of Homer was held captive not by anyone else, but by Calypso for a period of seven years. No wonder Mljet is a popular destination for tourists and Croatian charters are overbooked with tourist looking to get to Mljet and other Islands near by.

If you are searching for places to visit while in this amazing country, make sure that Mljet Island is one of those places you will choose as your top visits.

4. Sibenik

This is a great historic town in the central Dalmatia , a place where the famous Krka river flows to the Adriatic sea. It is a transport, educational, political, tourist, industrial and property hotspot on the coast of Croatia. This oldest Croatian town was the seat of the King of Croatia hence called “Krešimirov grad”and later given the status of a town in 1167. While there, you are sure to enjoy both history and get an opportunity to practically see what you might have only lived to read about in books. No wonder Sibenik is among the cities where Croatian properties are worth much. Include this in your schedule of places to visit and live to reminisce with your friends.

5. Pula

The famous Arena of Pula is one among the incredible buildings and historic places you ought not to miss while in the great country of Croatia. This is a truly magnificent structure that will beckon you as you enjoy those great and glad moments near this reputable place liked by many. While at Pula, you are more than sure to see a concert in these amazing walls.

Failing to travel is like reading only one page of a nice book. Travel and enjoy the beauty that nature has given for free!

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