5 Smart Tricks To Upgrade Your Home Garage

Are you tired of your boring home garage? Maybe you want to add some more storage space to make it a bit more practical or just want to add some new renovations to give it that brand new feel. However, you might be confused with all of the information you could find on the Internet about how to redo and upgrade your home garage.

Well, this article is here to help you out in this respect! Below, you’re going to find five smart tricks that you can use to give your home garage a bit of a facelift. Read on down below, learn more, and see if any of these ideas interest you!

1. Install A Ceiling Storage System.

So, you want to find some more storage space in your house and the garage seems like the most ideal place for that to happen. Do you really just want to store those plastic containers in one of the corners, where everyone can see it? Of course, not!

After you get a garage door opener from Garage Automatics, you can easily set up an affordable ceiling storage system where you can attach plastic bins to the ceiling of your garage! This is perfect for those holiday decorations that you want to put out of sight and out of mind until the next holiday comes around. Plus, this whole project is only going to cost you around $75, so it’s great for your budget.

2. Store Garden Tools Right on The Wall.

If you take two boards, you can easily make yourself a storage system on the wall that can hold all of your gardening tools. It can be a hassle to store gardening tools in a space that’s out of mind, but also easy to access. With a wall storage system like this, you can easily grab your tools whenever spring time comes around and you want to get your garden going.

3. Make Yourself an Entire Wall Storage System.

If you want to go all out, you can take on the pretty big DIY project of turning your entire wall into a storage system. All it takes is a lot of wooden boards, time, and patience to make one wall of your garage into an awesome storage area. Plus, there are plenty of ways to make this look pretty cool, so it’s not a sight for sore eyes.

4. Use A Pool Noodle to Protect Your Car Doors from Bangs.

Now this idea is one that you’ve probably never thought of before. Do you have some extra pool noodles lying around your basement? Well, an easy way to use those in your garage update is by attaching half of one to each wall. That way, whenever you park your car, you’re never going to have to worry about banging your car door and scratching the paint.

This is best used in those garages that are a bit tighter squeeze whenever there’s a car in there. Who ever thought it would be so easy to protect your car like this?

5. Utilize Your Garage as More Than a Storage Space.

If you’ve got a garage that’s not normally used to park your car, it’s a great idea to turn it into something much more than a simple storage space. You can renovate your entire garage into a living room area or a home office for those times when you need to work from home. This idea is going to take a bit more time and effort, but the payout is really big in the end when you have another entire room to take advantage of during the day.

All of these smart tricks to updating your garage are great for many families out there. Which one are you going to try out?

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