8 Tips For Upgrading A Dorm Room On The Cheap

8 Tips For Upgrading A Dorm Room On The Cheap

Many people will complain constantly about living in a dorm room. There is never enough space, it’s always dingy and dirty, and there is no privacy are just a few of the common complaints people have about their college living situation.

Even though many of these may be true of most dorm rooms, but that does not mean they cannot be fixed. Anyone can make a few simple changes to create the best dorm room ever without spending a lot of money. Here are eight tips for upgrading a dorm room on the cheap.

Bump up the Technology

Improving the tech in the room may sound expensive, but a few cheap upgrades can go a long way. Even stepping up to the next level of phone and internet services from Vonage Phoenix AZ can make a huge difference.

Tape it up

Washi tape is a college student’s best friend. It is like painter’s tape, so it sticks well and peels off easily without damaging the paint underneath. This colorful item can add a little life to any part of the room.

Lift the Bed

Many dorm rooms will allow students to loft their bed. This creates a lot more space in the room. If this is not an option, students can still get bed risers to at least add more storage space under the bed.

Store Away the Junk

There is nothing worse than stepping over everyone’s clutter every day. Make some real storage for these items either under the bed or hanging on the walls. Otherwise, purge all the stuff that is no longer needed, like old books and clothes, and start fresh.

Get Some Gadgets for Organization

There are a lot of great little tools that are inexpensive and perfect for small space organizing. College students can search around for items that will organize everything from their paper clips to their DVDs. These little gadgets can even help college students be more productive very day without changing any of their normal habits.

Move It Around

It may seem like it is impossible to make more space in a crowded dorm room. However, simply rearranging the space can actually make a big difference instantly. Try a new arrangement to see some valuable results for free.

Get Some Green

Green plants and flowers are a great way to make a dark and dull room bright and fresh. There are a lot of options that are easy to take care of with little maintenance and can make the whole room look instantly more alive. Change them out every season for a simple and fun way to decorate.

DIY Wall Paper

Most college campuses will not allow people to paste wall paper to their dorm rooms. However, anyone can create their own wall paper that can be even more fabulous. College students can create wall paper from a sheet they painted, a picture they printed out or a variety of things for a unique and original-looking space.

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