A Guide About The Evolution Of Courier Express Services

When we think of the term “courier”, we immediately draw a picture of a person delivering packages and messages. We are quite familiar with the present day courier services and how they function. Whenever we have to send a parcel, be it locally or to some different country, we tend to choose a courier service provider and entrust it with the job. The present day courier services make use of various advanced tools and software as well as efficient transportation vehicles.

History of Courier Services

During the time of kings and kingdoms, runners, horseback riders and trained pigeons were used for delivering messages. The messengers used to run several miles to their destination for delivering the messages. However, during these times, there was lack of security as well as assurance about the delivery of messages and parcels.There are several instances when the message or parcel didn’t reach its destination due to certain circumstances.

However, with the birth of industrial revolution, there came a huge transformation in the courier express services. It all began with the invention of automobiles and railroads. It became easier for the parcels to be sent more easily and came with the assurance of confirmed delivery. Gradually, the courier services evolved with the passing time, becoming more efficient and reliable. Earlier, there wasn’t any guarantee whether the parcel would reach the destination or not. Nowadays, the service providers make use of sophisticated technologies such as GPS in order to keep a track of the delivery vehicle. Generally, most of the eminent courier service is engaged in delivering items across the country, and they have offices in most of the important cities from where they are easily accessible.

The Present Day Courier Services

Nowadays, the courier services are no more limited to rails and roads. Even airplanes are used for the delivery of parcels to some different part of the world. For example, if you are in London and want to send a parcel to your friend or relative living in some other part of the world, the courier service provider would use the airline services to deliver the good. In other words, present day courier services have bestowed people with the assurance of safe delivery of the packages.

In the present day, the courier industry has grown with leaps and bounds. There are several providers of the courier services. Businesses related to almost every industry makes use of these services for the delivery of important documents, industrial goods and so on. Even common people are using these services for sending gifts, letters and various objects to various parts of the world.

Importance of the Courier Services

The business market is progressing rapidly and thus, the business owners focus on sending their products faster to the destinations. Customers don’t have to wait for days to get the products. The courier express providers play a vital role for the businesses to flourish and form a strong bond with the customers.

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