About Canada Visitor Visa from India

This article will give you basic information about Canada visitor visa from India.

About CVAC

Canada Visa Application Centre (CVAC) is an organization who is settled in India to help the immigrants to travel to Canada and get their visa. The people working with these firms have good knowledge about all the requirements and criteria of getting a visa for Canada. Immigrants have to contact them and make interactions with them in order to get visa.

CVAC is a service provider for Canadian government. It is authorized to receive applications in all categories and travel documents. CVAC provides authorized services of administrative support.

The categories of visa include:

The final decision on the application of the immigrants is taken by Canadian organization that whether the visa will be given to them or not. There is a proper criterion which is to be followed by the applicant who is either immigratory or is traveling to Canada.

Canadian organization has the authority to take decisions on the immigrants, refugees and citizenship Canada.

Types of Visa:

Follow these steps to get your visa application filled:

If you are planning to go Canada, that’s a great idea, but before you get the permission to visit there or get permitted to stay there you can’t go there. So, just apply for your visa as soon as possible.

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