Aggravated Assault – Different Types Of Cases Considered Under It

Aggravated offences are given punishments based on the consequences of the act and the intensity of the assault. Based on the laws of Toronto there are various factors that could contribute to aggravated assault. If an individual is struck under such circumstances it is best to hire a criminal defense lawyer Toronto. A lawyer can understand the situation and plead on behalf of the client to ensure fair trial.

What is Aggravated Assault?

Aggravated assaulted is defined by Gupta criminal law Toronto as a situation in which one’s actions lead to physical injury that lead to disfigurement. The disfigurement can either be temporary or permanent with the use of a weapon or instrument or without using any. Generally, these types of assault are attributed to a person when he enters into a house under ‘breaking and entering’ law and injures the owner or residents of a house. However, there are some exceptions and aggravated assault is considered in outside conditions also.


Apart from the general considerations mentioned above there are other factors taken by the court. Any lawyer from a criminal law firm in Toronto can explain in detail about them.

What can be Done?

If a person is taken into custody for aggravated assault, the first thing to do is ask for a criminal lawyer or hire one from a reputed criminal law firm in Toronto. The lawyer will ensure proper investigation and tries to find out everything that happened during the scene. This help in a fair trial and reduction of sentence if found guilty.

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