An Incomplete Schedule For Home Maintenance

An Incomplete Schedule For Home Maintenance

Whether you move in a new house and you have to do the first thorough home maintenance before the arrangement of your belongings, or you have to deal with the overwhelming maintenance that should take place once a year – next is a short and useful guide that can facilitate the tasks. Yet it is an incomplete schedule for home maintenance, because there is always something to repair or to make it look better.

First, give tasks to all the family members – from the youngest to the strongest family members. There are plenty of things to do during the house maintenance and you definitely want to save time instead of doing everything by yourself. Thus, a full weekend should be more than enough for dealing with all the home repairs and everything else without the need for calling a professional removal team for the biggest and heaviest objects. With a little help from all the family members and a few tricks such as gliding blankets, handling straps and edge protectors, you can easily take care about the maintenance of the fridge, for example.

Second, do some basic cleaning to avoid making a bigger mess. A simple vacuuming should be enough, while some small and light objects that are easy for expert household removal should be sorted carefully. The easiest way for some basic cleaning is to get rid of the useless objects. Another great tip is to place all the small furniture removals in the middle of the room in order to take a better look of their condition, as well as clean the usually hidden areas like under the sofas, the beds, the desk, etc.

Third, check out the condition of all the exterior parts of the house. If you have an outdoor garden – leave it as the last step of the home maintenance, but inspect the outer side of the windows, the gutters, the ventilation holes, the door hinges, the rooftop and everything that’s outside and yet adjacent to the house.

Fourth, the interior of the house will require much more time, so a great idea is to identify where are located all the loose parts. From loose doors, through kitchen cabinets with loose doors and to loose parts of the hangers in the wardrobes – there are plenty of things to inspect throughout the house. Repair them by replacing or tightening the screws, adjusting the angles, etc., then do some final cleaning and polishing to restore their original look. Remove all the broken parts and replace them with new ones if possible.

Sixth, some deep cleaning of the entire house is the most essential part of the home maintenance. While cleaning, make sure to do some extra checking of the condition of the objects and decide which ones should be repaired as well.

Seventh, another great way to ensure a renovated outlook after the home maintenance is to improve the home design with new furnishings, appliances or other objects. Call a man with a van company if the objects can’t fit in your normal car. Even one new sofa or a few reupholstered kitchen chairs can make the atmosphere in your house quite renovated.

Eighth, don’t forget to put the final touches in your schedule for home maintenance. They may range from a simple wiping of dust to reorganizing the closets or deodorizing the rooms.
Overall, even a short and simple maintenance schedule or a checklist will help you for a better organization. It will reduce the stress and it will help you keep everything in order, like the moving checklist during a relocation.

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