Can a post-nuptial agreement really protect you?

Most of us are well aware of prenuptial agreements is where an agreement is signed before a marriage between couples regarding various legal and financial aspects of the marriage. A post nuptial agreement are generally written agreements which are made after the marriage. They are quite similar to prenuptial agreements however; there main intent is to fix something which is perhaps going wrong in the marriage so that the marriage can move forward.

The concept of a post nuptial agreement is aimed at improving and preserving the marriage of couples. Family lawyers in Brisbane can help the couple to formulate the terms of post marital agreement and provide a draft of it for the couple to review. When both of the couple work together for the post nuptial agreement, they have a great chance of coming up with the agreement that suits them both in an atmosphere of partnership and collaboration. It reduces the chances of bad feeling which ultimately can erode a relationship.

One of the main reasons for couple considering a post nuptial agreement is when they have a second or third marriage and have children from the previous marriage. Under such circumstances couples usually want to ensure that a certain sum of their assets goes to their children. Another major reason for post nuptial agreement is when someone is unfaithful in a relationship and the other partner wants the relationship to work and in such a condition the post- nuptial agreement can persuade him or her to give the relationship a second chance.

Signing a post nuptial agreement with the help of family lawyers in Brisbane goes to show that you are serious about a relationship and interested in taking care of your children.

The big question however remains whether a post nuptial agreement is the best thing for you, as the entire process can be quite awkward and challenging. When you’re hired family lawyers in Brisbane to draft a post nuptial agreement it does provide you with some amount of guarantee of avoiding challenges and ugly battles, however the guarantee is not absolute and a court battle can happen if you decide to separate. Many family lawyers in Brisbane are of the opinion that prenuptial agreements are more preferable than post nuptial agreements, as the latter is still not enforceable everywhere.

One of the safest approaches of negotiating a post nuptial agreement lies in the assumption that both the parties have given their consent of enforcing the agreement if the marriage ends or has a probability of ending. This provides both the parties to have the benefit of independent council during the negotiation. It also means that when the negotiations are carried out both the spouses will have equal rights of being well advised by independent family lawyers in Brisbane about the various clauses of the agreement.

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