Choosing The Right Photographer

Choosing The Right Photographer

Hiring a professional photographer is as important as choosing the entertainers to make an event successful. Photos will leave a lasting memory for you and your family. Therefore, choosing the right photographer means choosing the right person that will make sure you have captured the moments that will make you remember this event in the future.

5 Tips on Choosing an Event Photographer

You probably know of some photographers. Your friends may have even referred some to you. To help you choose more wisely, here are some tips when picking a photographer for your event:

  1. Get straight to it and compare cost versus value.

Be open to talk about a budget range allotted for the photos. The photographer’s budget depends on factors which include travel, equipment, retouching, and day-rate. It is important to determine whether your choice will be based on cost or value.

Will you be after maximizing the cost by the number of photos produced, or will you go for high quality prints instead? It will be a matter of choosing between the price you pay and the value you get.

  1. Check out his or her portfolio.

Especially when you’re after high quality image prints, a photographer should be able to show you some of the work he has delivered to clients in the past. This is how you can determine up front whether their photography style will yield the images you have in mind.

Portfolios can help you select which photographer will suit your special occasion. Other ways to check their previous work are through reviews on the photographer’s social media accounts.

  1. Ask about the delivery process.

Photo delivery options should be indicated in your contract. This includes quantity, delivery date, and method used for delivery.

Professional event photographers will allow you to share photos by using a service for delivering photos to photography clients. These services are often smartphone-friendly and provide options to allow viewers to share their photos on the various social media platforms as well as order prints.

  1. Always try to communicate directly.

Hiring an event photographer is best done in person. That is, don’t just communicate via text messaging or email. Speak directly and in person. Ask to set up a meeting. A good photographer will have no reason not to talk to you face to face.

  1. Ask for a proof of insurance.

It’s not weird to ask a photographer about proof of insurance. It just means that in case an accident happens within the premises of the event’s venue and the photographer gets injured, you want to make sure that they are covered by insurance.

Remember to be patient when hiring an event photographer. If you have many options, go through them one by one. Remember, you want the memories of your event to last forever. A professional event photographer can certainly help you with that!

Written by bleu events, one of the top event planners Columbia, MO has to offer.

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