Create A Stylish Garden This Summer With Oak Furniture

As the weather heats up and summer approaches, we look to spend as much time as possible in our gardens, in an effort to soak up some rays and socialise over a good old-fashioned BBQ.

If your garden has emerged from the winter months looking a little battered and shabby, then it’s time to give it a facelift. One way to do this without breaking the bank is to invest in some stylish oak garden furniture.

Oak Garden Furniture Ideas

Here are some ideas for the types of oak furniture and accessories you could get to makeover your garden.

Maintaining your Outdoor Oak Furniture Collection

Traditional oak furniture looks exceptionally classy and when it is maintained correctly, it is extremely durable so long as it is protected from elements such as rain, wind, cold, snow and sunlight in an outdoor environment. Sunlight affects oak by producing a faded silver hue to the wood, whereas rain and damp can cause a blackening effect on the wood as the water reacts with the high natural tannin content found in oak.

For those of you who are already accustomed to treating indoor oak furniture, you’ll need to adjust some of your techniques for caring for outside oak wood and these are dependent on whether or not the oak is pre-treated.

It is often advised to condition untreated indoor oak furniture with linseed oil, but this procedure should be skipped when looking after untreated outdoor oak, as it can lead to damp and mildew problems.

Lemon oil is the preferred alternative. A better idea yet would be to treat the outdoor oak using an oil-based stain which waterproofs and protects the wood. If you need to get rid of any unsightly stains on your oak furniture, then do so by applying some butter to the affected area overnight and remove it with a cloth in the morning.

When summer ends and the colder months begin to set in, it’s wise to cover your oak furniture with garden covers, even if you’re planning on keeping items stored in your shed or garage. Make sure you clean your furniture and remove any insects before covering them. If you ensure that you take the time to look after your oak furniture, then you’ll find that you’ll get many more memorable summers out of these beautiful pieces.

Nick Halls is the co-director of Rustic Oak, which specialises in crafting beautiful bespoke oak furniture.

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