Different Form Liner Materials and Its Advantages

A form liner is no different from molds in terms of functionality. As molds are used to fabricate sinks, concrete counter tops and furniture form liners are similarly used to create designs and patterns on concrete surfaces. The liners are used for pre-cast concrete as well as cast-in-place items where the surface finish is to be given a different look. There is an increasing demand for including artistic elements into concrete construction, especially for highway sound walls and similar panels, which is the reason for more and more people using form liners to satisfy their artistic cravings without straining budgets.

Advantages of Form Liners

There are several reasons why the form liner has found preference over the use of stones in architectural constructions.

Form Liner Materials

Four types of materials are used for making form liners.

Spandrel beams used in buildings and concrete cladding panels often have textured surfaces that is obtained by using form liners. Ribbed patterns on tilt-up panels are generated by using liners. The techniques of using liners are the same for pre-cast and cast-in place items.

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