Door and Wall Protection Materials

When you get a chance to make a good first impression with your home why settle for anything less? You spend so much time thinking about other factors around the house such as paint, furniture and floor materials so why not take the time to secure the door and wall area to give your house a more finished look?There are a range of door and wall protection solutions available and those include:

Door edge guards: Come in a wide range of materials such as stainless steel, vinyl and plastic and also available in a wide range of colours. This prevents paint chipping if the door hits any hard surface. It can also hide any existing damage to the door. The door guard is easy to install and remove.

Door kick plates: These are often used in commercial, public and residential building which require the doors to be protected from heavy wear and tear. These kick plates are a great way of adding some style to your door and have great functionality. They prevent the door from getting damaged by shoes, trolleys or any other strong object. They are easy to install and complement different door furniture and can blend in with any sort of decor.

Wall guards:These are great for commercial areas which see a lot of heavy foot traffic. This will help to keep you interior by reducing any additional costs needed for cleaning or painting damaged walls. Wall guards protect your walls from trolley, chair or other hard objects from bumping and chipping paint off.  They come in various shades to blend in with your current wall paint and company decor.

Handrails:Handrails do as their name suggests. Like having a handrail in our shower, this one can help your staff and visitors protect themselves at critical points around your building. This will especially be useful for elderly visitors who need help walking areas around the perimeter. They come in a wide range of styles which include stain and scratch resistant materials, come in various widths and colours.

Wall sheets: Painting a wall can take a long time and can be a tiring process but it’s essential to keep the interiors of your company or residential compound looking just like new to impress your guests. Don’t worry for there is another solution. Wall sheets made of vinyl can be placed over existing walls and come in different colours and textures. You can even include personalised logos and messages which is something that cannot be done on a normal wall. They come in various materials like vinyl, themed panels, and metal panels. They are often stain, scratch, fungal and bacterial resistant.

Corner guards: Another great addition to commercial and even residential areas which can prevent accidents or damage to your walls. This can prevent you from spending money on any repairs or painting. They are made from a wide range of materials which are stain, impact, bacterial and scratch resistant. They come in a wide range of colours so they can match the colour of your exiting wall and fit in perfectly with your decor.

Wall signs: Signs are an essential part of any organisation. They are needed to provide that personal touch. There isa wide range of signs available for creating unique designs. They are easy to install and don’t cause and damage to the existing walls.

Now that you know the available options for protecting your walls and doors then why don’t you contact your local specialist and look at the designs best suited to your company or home?

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