Equipment Needed for a Buffet-Style Eatery

If you’re thinking of starting your own buffetstyle eatery, you should be aware of the equipment that you’ll need to get your business going. It’s important that you make yourself knowledgeable of the right equipment so that you can choose the best selections at the lowest costs for your eatery. Here are some of the main equipment pieces that you’ll need to run a buffetstyle eatery.

Heat Lamps

Heat lamps will be needed to keep food from getting cold while it’s waiting to be eaten by hungry diners. Hanging heat lamps can be placed over food trays to prevent food from cooling down too fast. Certain heat lamps are made with brass, copper and chrome finishes for a more elegant look.

Food Merchandiser

You can place all food items on a hot food merchandiser so that patrons can help themselves. These equipment pieces are available in many different shapes and sizes. You’ll want to choose an option that is spacious enough to fit all the food items that you plan to offer and coincides well with the layout of your eatery.

Carving Station

If you want to give your buffet some upscale appeal, you can have one of your employees stand at a carving station to carve meat from larger meat pieces. A wooden cutting board and carving knives will be needed to create a carving station. You may also need to invest in a smaller heat lamp that emits heat directly onto the meat at a closer range to keep it warmer longer while it’s waiting to be carved.

Sneeze Guard

To comply with sanitation standards, a sneeze guard will be needed to keep food items protected from people who may sneeze or breathe on them. There are plenty of high-quality double-sided sneeze guards on the market that can be adjusted in height. Replacement parts for sneeze guards can also be ordered whenever they are needed.

You’ll have a more successful buffetstyle eatery with the right equipment. The best equipment pieces can make your establishment look more prestigious and keep hungry patrons coming back for more.

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