Few Most Important Considerations Installing The Patio Umbrella

Few Most Important Considerations Installing The Patio Umbrella

A patio umbrella is not only a decorative piece for your outdoor space, but it adds different attributes to any home. The colorful and beautiful patio umbrellas can play a vital role to transform the whole look of your deck or patio. Almost all of the modern home is decorating their outdoor space with the patio umbrella. If you want a safer and comfortable place for your children or pass some alone time with your loved ones in the backyard, patio umbrella will provide you some incredible benefits to you.

While buying or installing a patio umbrella, people forget to consider few things about the umbrella. Choosing an appropriate shape, fabrics, and stand type is the most important part of buying and installing patio umbrella. Here I am discussing these most important factors in details.

The shape of the Patio Umbrella

The shape of the patio umbrella will be depended on the space you want to cover, the size of the table under the umbrella and the available space of your outdoor area. Depending on these things you can choose the umbrella for your outdoor space. Patio umbrellas can be found in three different shapes. These are-

Round shape Umbrella

For the traditional design of your outdoor space, you can consider buying round shape patio umbrella. If you want to cover a roundtable on your pool or deck area, round shape umbrella is the best choice for you. It provides a rustic and organic look on your patio or the deck. The round shape patio umbrella is chosen for the large outdoor space.

Square shape Umbrella

If you are looking for a patio umbrella for a symmetrical space and cover the maximum spaces, you can consider buying square shape umbrella. To bring contemporary yet elegant look to your outdoor area, square shape umbrellas are the best choice.

Rectangular shape Umbrella

When you have smaller and compact space and cover the area with the patio umbrella, you can look for the rectangular shape umbrella. Generally, for covering the long table, rectangular shape umbrella is used.

What Fabric should be chosen for the Umbrella?

There are different types of fabrics to choose from for the patio umbrella. Selecting the type of fabric is the most important decision to make while buying a patio umbrella. Most of us only see the colors and design of the umbrella and ignore the quality and material of the patio umbrella. But to protect yourself and your family members from the harmful components of the sun, you must look for the quality and material of the patio umbrella. Some commonly used fabrics for patio umbrellas are acrylic, polyester, olefin, polyethylene, etc.

Acrylic is the most popular choice for the patio umbrella. Available in hundreds of colors, it provides great protection and shade to the residential and commercial place. It is highly durable and can be used for years without damaging and fading out the colors.

Polyester is another popular choice for the patio umbrellas. Its rich color and texture make the umbrella looks gorgeous in any outdoor place.

Olefin is an environment-friendly fabric which provides the highest protection from the harmful UV rays. It is stain resistant and can be washed easily.

Polyethylene fabric is made for the particular weather condition which can pass through the wind and give protection from the sun heat at the same time.

What kind of base or stand is Appropriate for Patio Umbrella?

One of the most important decision is to choose which type of stand is appropriate for your patio umbrella. It is important to select the right type of base for your patio umbrella to ensure the stability of the umbrella to the ground. You also need to ensure that the umbrella should not fly away in the extreme or bad weather condition.

So, these are some critical considerations which you need to make while buying or installing patio umbrella.

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