Getting Your House Cleaning Under Way

Getting Your House Cleaning Under Way

Getting your house cleaned is much easier when there is strong collaboration between both parties involved. As the service booker you are obliged to describe your needs as vividly as possible to the service provider. Things are getting done faster when they are outlined carefully. You will probably have a list of needs that may have some sub-points explaining the task more properly. It is handy to submit this list to the cleaner so that they could add it to their own and do the job perfectly. Be very clear and open in describing your house cleaning needs from the very beginning.

If you hire a cleaning service for you house, you may also think about setting up a cleaning schedule. If your house is big and there are only a couple of workers dedicated by you cleaning contractor, then you domestic cleaning might take a whole week. The cleaners can start on Monday with the master’s bedroom and bathroom. When they come on Tuesday, the action can continue in the living room leading to the windows and stairs. On Wednesday, offer them to clean the guest room and the second bathroom. Thursday will ideally fit for the kitchen, dining room and garage clean. Friday can be selected for cleaning the hallways. All that’s left could be done on Saturday and it would probably be laundry. And everybody knows that Sunday is a day off, because the house cleaning is complete and finished.

Treat your cleaners as humans not as cleaning machines. You will not want them to read your private letters and check your last bills for Uber services. Then do not leave anything around to feed their curiosity. But also do not go crazy and go about putting extra lockers on the cupboard in the bedroom. Cleaners can get too suspicious and become too nosy; that will make you feel like they know your secrets even if they do not touch your confidential materials.

Decide whether you will be present during the house cleaning or not. It is completely up to you, but bear in mind that it is better to choose hours when none of you will have a chance to disturb or confuse the others. If you leave the cleaner or cleaners alone in your house, think about the security. The house keys have to be safe from duplicating. Make sure you can contact the cleaning agency again in case something goes wrong during the house clean.

There should be no communication breakdown between you and the cleaning professionals. They have to understand everything you expect them to do when the cleaning service is being delivered. Express any dissatisfaction you may be experiencing in a very polite manner so that the work can be improved. Do not make the cleaners feel uncomfortable by commenting on their work until they have finished a certain part of it. Again, be extra clear when you are trying to explain what exactly needs to be done in the area in question.

Do not ask the cleaner to do extra jobs for extra pay. The reason not to do so is that they might express the desire to do it, but they might not have adequate skills for that job. Cleaners do not normally do babysitting or walk the dog. In case you hired a cleaner from an agency, all extra work and pay should be discussed with them first and arranged for a different date and time. And do not get upset if the cleaner rejects to do something. It will simply not be their job!

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