How Master Cleanse Diet- Lemonade Helps Rejuvenate Your Body

How Master Cleanse Diet- Lemonade Helps Rejuvenate Your Body

It all started with Stanley Burrough’s recommending the diet to a patient as a cure for his stomach ulcer. After successful testimonies attesting to the fact that it works- the latest being Beyonce Knowles, people around the planet are curious about this ‘magical diet’ that can detoxify their bodies.

The diet is pretty simple. It consists of three main ingredients such as a lemonade- like beverage, herbal laxative tea and a salt- water drink for consumption. The claim is simple: try out the diet rigorously for 10 days (the more the merrier) and witness marvellous wonders happen within  your body. The diet can detox your digestive system; help unless boundless energy and good health while you can put an end to that overpowering desire for junk food.

How to Cleanse?

We encourage you to only take carefully calculated measurements of the following ingredients for maximum efficiency: Pure maple syrup, some lemons, cayenne pepper and a lot of water for a mandatory 10 days (again, the more the merrier). After mixing the ingredients, ensure you drink atleast 8-12 glasses of the mixture throughout the day when hunger strikes.

Be sure to observe your bowel movement and ensure its at least three times a day. If you find issues related to that, a good laxative can help once a day. Salt water flush can be a good alternative if you are concerned about the safety of a laxative. Yet we repeat that you ensure you kick the bucket thrice a day to  clean the waste accumulated on your intestinal and stomach walls.

The Master cleanse diet needs to be drunk fresh and not microwaved as it kills its effectiveness on your body. For every drink, your psychological cravings for eating junk food is drastically minimalised, providing satisfaction and a sense of control that can further embolden your decision to stick on for the diet.

The Recipe

Being a juice mixture, adding milk shakes, pepper capsules or protein powder for that matter won’t contribute to its healing prowess or efficiency in any way whatsoever.  The purpose of the diet plan is to trim down your diet supply cravings and enlighten you about the rate of food you are consuming more than your requirement.

Burroughs in fact was staunch against the intake of digestive supplements and external vitamin supplies during the diet program as they interfere with the body’s immune and elimination system.

Besides , the natural extracts and vitamin supplies found in lemon and the maple syrup are capable of detoxifying your body and maintaining your rigorous lifestyle for the 10 day period..

Another myth which needs to be deflated includes the mistakes in the ratio of water required to be drunk for the duration. It’s said that anything beyond 12 glasses per day dilutes the potency of the diet plan and will not produce the results you desire. Its best to remember that following the master cleanse programme and the lemonade recipe is the best way to detoxify your body system and the recipe to be followed is provided below:

2 (tbs). of genuine maple syrup

2 (tbs). of lemon or lime

10 oz. water (hot or cold as preferred)

1/10 tsp cayenne pepper

The lemonade diet helps in reducing your food intake but it also helps in healing ulcers and other intestinal ailments. With  a healthy body, you can build strong relationships . Live healthy.

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