How To Get The Perfect Match Of Makeup and Hairstyle

How To Get The Perfect Match Of Makeup and Hairstyle

It rarely happens that your makeup and hair are in perfect sync! The day they both are complementing each other, your entire look transforms. And who doesn’t want a stunning appearance? But the problem is in deciding which makeup goes best with which hairstyle and vice-a-versa.

Stylists spend years testing different hairstyles with makeups to get the best combination. But you don’t need to do that, as we are presenting you with ways to achieve the perfect combo of makeup and hairstyle. Take a look:

1.Research the Latest Trends

Search out a few looks by high end stylists and reinvent your own instead of trying out something new on yourself. There are hundreds of looks from makeup artists, celebrities and top designers available on Instagram that you can go through for hours. Everything is available, you just have to find the right one for you and tweak it a bit.

2.Keep it Season and Occasion Appropriate

Keep everything from the time of day, purpose of the event, guest list to venue in mind when creating your look. Season also plays an important role in this as temperature and humidity can negatively affect your hair. When choosing the makeup, try delicate pastels or something that compliments the season.

3.Consider your Age and Coloration

Not all makeup and hairstyles work on everyone. So, only stick with those looks on models that have similar skin, eye and hair color as you. Coloration can drastically change how makeup hues appear on different skin tones. What looks good on one person may look completely washed out on another.

Another important thing in finding the right combo is the age factor. There may be some hairstyles that you have pulled off in your 20s but won’t work in your 40s at all. These styles can be too juvenile, hence end up diminishing your beauty. So, select a hairstyle that compliments your age!

4.Balance the Makeup and Hair Boldness

Try avoid being too simple or too bold by striking a perfect balance in your makeup and hair style salons. Say you are doing an elaborate and fancy updo, then keep your makeup light to give your hairstyle the centre stage. And if you want to go with a fairly simple hair style, feel free to let your makeup make bold statement.

A balanced approach is the best one. But decide in advance which element you want to pop out and which one you want to keep subdued.

5.Best Beauty Products

If you have sub par products, your look is going to come out average too. Professional stylists have the best tools to give you the most desirable look. Usually we don’t have all the new and advanced tools handy, this is the reason ging to a professional for a stunning look is the right choice.

If you are going to a big event, a dress rehearsal is a great way to know in advance if your look will work or not. You can play around with your hair and makeup to find the perfect combo.

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