How to Get Your Home Exterior Ready For Harsh Fall Weather

How to Get Your Home Exterior Ready For Harsh Fall Weather

The fall season is a great time to prepare your home for increasingly cold and harsh weather, and winter. As you transition from warm weather seasons to cold, think about all the aspects of your home that need attention, and consider others that you might not have even thought about. In most cases, you want to protect your home from cold weather damage and clean up areas that will see fall weather.

These are a few areas of your home to focus on to get the exterior ready for harsh fall weather.

Tree Trimming

Trim back your trees during this time of year when it is easy to spot dead or ailing trees, limbs that extend over your home, and tree limbs that need regular trimming. Doing this can prevent any damage done by strong winds that blow through in the fall, and when winter hits tree limbs covered in snow are more likely to snap.

Clean Gutters and Check for Roof Damage

Leaves that fall during this time of year can fill a gutter fast, especially when the gutters have not been cleaned and are already filled with debris from summer. Before the weather sets in get up on your roof and clean out the gutters to ensure that water keeps moving. While you are up there, check your roof for any normal damage or wear and tear to arrange for potential roof restoration.

Winterize Water Fixtures

Everything from faucets to hoses to water barrels and water garden elements needs to be winterized for colder weather in the fall. Drain, disconnect, and insulate all water fixtures to prevent any water related damage to your home and the possibility of pipes bursting if the temperature drops.

Seal Any Cracks

Cracks in the foundation of your home, in the structure itself, and along the driveway should be sealed during the fall season. Foundation leaks can lead to water damage in your home, cracks in the walls or along the windows can create drafts in the home, and cracks in the driveway can freeze and expand in the cold weather. Take the time to check for and patch up any cracks that you notice in the structure of your home to both prevent damage and save yourself from potentially more costly damage.

Taking the time to check your home once a year for routine maintenance issues is key to making sure you’re prepared for harsher weather.

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