How To Incorporate Effectively Diet and Exercise For Healthy Living

How To Incorporate Effectively Diet and Exercise For Healthy Living

Most people struggle so much with their diet than their exercise. Weight loss experts state that it is often much easier for individuals struggling with weight to walk a few blocks each day, go to the gym, take stairs more often, adopt some work out programs such as Zumba and aerobics each day. They agree that it is difficult for the same individuals to keep a food diary, plan for their meals, pick their ingredients and cook their own meals as well. An effective weight loss plan should incorporate both diet and exercise for it to facilitate losing weight and improvement in health.

Editing Your Diet

Diet editing is very instrumental in losing weight.Identify the weak spots in the diet and start cutting back on the quantities overtime to avoid torturing the body. Elimination of unhealthy components from the diet such as deep-fried meat should be concurrent with increasing supplements of healthy food portions such as vegetables and fruitson the plate.


Calorie count is an effective way to weight loss that helps tracking the calorie intake and how much the body can burn effectively. Establish the quantity of calories needed by the body per day, and work towards reducing 20% of the body maintenance calories for each day. For every calorie decrease, increase the amount of protein in the diet for satisfaction because they require a lot of energy to digest than fats and carbohydrates. Eat home-cooked whole grain meals in the right proportions since they have low calories.


Exercising regularly also is an effective way of ensuring that the weight is kept in check. Exercise helps to keep stored energy hence limiting craving food to restore energy. This assists in controlling appetite. Just like the diet, adopt a long-term exercise plan that is followed strictly increasing the amount of workout over time. For instance, start walking for five minutes a day and increase gradually to 100 minutes a day. Develop a workout plan that can facilitate adherence to and allows flexibility, regulating exercise to help attain body thermodynamics.


Building lean muscles through exercise is a major way to increase the calorie burn. Maintaining lean muscles requires many calories. Therefore, the more lean muscles you have, the more calories required to maintain them. Lean muscles help to burn as many calories while sleeping, working at the desk rather than walking, running etc. building lean muscle is like paying the mortgage, overtime one acquires the asset. Check out how to build those lean muscles at Workoutbox.com

Out-exercising a Bad Diet

Build up an effective workout routine of five to seven workouts a week each lasting 50minutes and done at moderate intensity. Always eat smart. Have a balanced food plan that focusses on, lean protein, wholegrain carbs, fruits, and vegetables. A healthy daily calorie count should allow 10 calories per pound of body weight. The weight loss rule of thumb states that 75% weight loss depends on diet and 25% on exercise.

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