How To Lose 5 Kilograms In 3 Weeks?

Weight gain or obesity is one of the most pathetic physical states a person can acquire in his lifetime. Being obese will make a person physically and mentally ill, and he will face huge setbacks in the quality of his life. An obese person will be the store house of various diseases which includes high blood pressure, abnormal cholesterol levels etc. These bodily conditions will soon turn him to a patient, and at the end, he will say a big Adios due to heart attack or stroke. The personal life of an obese person too will be filled with miseries. It won’t be an easy task for an obese person to engage in wild sexual encounters with his partner. This will create disappointment in the minds of his partner, and the final result will be nothing other than a break up.

Obese people usually stay away from public gatherings and other social outings. This is mainly due to their inferiority complex to present themselves in front of others. They will not find any costumes which will fit their body shape, and this will shatter their mind from the inner core. Many obese people used to fall in the clutches of drugs and alcohol as a result of this mental state. This will worsen the condition, as alcohol intake research shows potential for liver damage. Through this article, you will learn some top tips which will help you to lose at least five kilograms within three weeks.

Walk 5 – 8 kilometers a day: The trigger of obesity in the body of most people is due to their idle nature. To combat obesity, the first thing you should do is to engage in regular physical activities. Try to spend at least one hour a day to do physical activities. The best physical activity you can do to reduce your weight is nothing but walking. Brisk walking will move all the body parts in the most effective manner, and thus you will be able to shed your calories quickly. You should make it a habit of engaging in walks every day for better results.

Eat raw vegetables: Cooking demands some oil, and it will surely enhance your weight. To avoid this problem, you should try to stay raw. Before eating the vegetables raw, you should wash it thoroughly to remove the contents of pesticides which may be there in the outer peel. To remove them completely, you should add turmeric powder to the water which you are using to wash the vegetables. Research shows potential for liver damage  if you are using unwashed vegetables.

Stay away from alcohol: Alcohol is loaded with unwanted calories, and it will make you obese in no time. Alcohol drinking will also make your life miserable, and it will also create strains in your relationship. It will damage your physical health, and will also make you mentally ill.

All the tips mentioned above are very much useful in reducing your body weight, and if followed wisely, it will fetch you benign results.

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