How To Make The Most Out Of Your Car

You are now the proud owner of a car. It could be a brand spanking new or a second-hand one, but it is your baby all the same. No one knows the trouble you had to go through to purchase it. No one knows about how you had to make do without dinner for several months because all the money went into your car fund. No one would ever know how you almost dipped into your kid’s university fund because you did not have that thousand dollars to buy the car. There is a story behind almost every car and not all of them are pretty. These stories tell a tale about how hard people worked to make their car dream a reality. Now that you have that car in your hands it is very important that you make the most use of it. You did not work so hard and bought the car to be babied around. You should ensure that you reap the maximum benefits from your car. Here are some tips to guide you through.

Increase your mileage

Your car mileage is something that will rack up your car related expenses. The less mileage that your car does per litre of petrol, the more money you will be spending on fuel. Think of fuel additives for petrol engines. They work wonders with your mileage. How do they work? Well, to simply say it, petrol forms deposits and debris in the fuel systems, making the combustion process inefficient. Fuel additives contain detergents and other cleaning agents that remove these deposits and prevent the formation of new ones, thus making the fuel combustion process more efficient.

Keep your tyres in check

The tyres in a car is something that most people take for granted. Sure, they keep a spare tyre in the trunk and change it whenever there is a tyre puncture. How many of us check the air pressure in each of our tyres? Well not many. Check them out every single day before you get in the car and at the end of the day. Check their inflation and the wear. Tyres should also be checked at the change of every season as temperature variations may cause changes in the shape of the tyres. Apart from checking the air pressure and inflation, make sure that your tyres are properly aligned every once in a while.

Check those brakes

The brake system in a car is one of the most important aspects of the car. It determines your safety and the safety of the people who drive on the same road with you. It is, therefore, of utmost importance to ensure that your brake system is at its optimum level. The longevity of the brakes in your car depends on the way you treat them. Those who drive fast and apply brakes abruptly, will wear down their brake systems sooner than those who bring their vehicles to a calculated halt.

Take care of the battery

The battery of your car serves many important functions. It keeps all the electric appliances of your car up and running. Car batteries are designed to last several years, unless of course, you do not care for them as necessary. It is always best to keep the car battery and its connectors clean and well insulated. Your water levels should be checked every now and then. Ask yourself whether you really need all those GPS systems and power stereos as these can decrease the lifetime of your battery.

Keep your vehicle in a garage

This may come as a surprise to many and some may even consider this piece of advice as stating the obvious. Well, you would be surprised at the number of people who park their cars on the curb or in their driveways, without the cover of a roof. It is not okay to park your car just about anywhere overnight. There are many changes in the weather overnight that can cause damage to the exterior of the car. Intense sunlight can cause your exterior paint to crack and peel while the acidic content of rain can cause corrosion. Keeping your car parked in intense sunlight can decrease the longevity of the tyres and external parts made out of rubber. Do the obvious and keep your car parked in a garage, or if you don’t have one, keep your vehicle covered in a vehicle cover overnight.

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