How To Prevent Damages To Your Pallet Racking System

How To Prevent Damages To Your Pallet Racking System

Pallet racks are used throughout the world as a means of organizing and storing massive, warehouse inventories. With these systems, companies can easily pick and pull the items that they need, while protecting and tracking everything else. Unfortunately, these towering systems are exceedingly vulnerable to damage given that heavy, picking equipment is often moving around, under and through them. The good news is that there are several things companies can do to prevent damages to their racks and all of the included support structures.

Invest In Pallet Rack Protection Like Reinforced Bases

Consider upgrading your pallet racking system via the installation of reinforced bases. These additions make these structures more resistant to the ravages of impact, thereby preventing serious structural harm. Keep in mind, however, that even after you’ve retrofitted reinforced bases, you’ll still need to have these systems inspected on a regular basis and immediately after major impacts. There’s only so much force and pressure that reinforced racking equipment can withstand before significant, structural changes occur. In fact, whenever pallet jacks or forklifts come in direct contact with any aspect of your system, you should have the resulting damages inspected by a licensed professional right away. This remains true irrespective of whether advanced protection products are being used.

Have Rack Guards Installed

Another effective, preventative measure for staving of racking system damage is to place rack guards right in from of the rack base. These guards are designed to absorb impact. This way, pallet jacks and forklifts are deflected and the racking system itself sustains absolutely no harm at all. Unlike direct contact hits with the actual racking system, connections with these structures do not need to be reported, inspected or mitigated, which makes them perfect for ensuring continuity.

Install Rack Legs

Rack legs are the perfect protectors for cantilever storage racks given that these plastic attachments are brightly colored and nearly impossible to miss. This increases visibility so that forklift operators are never in danger of misjudging their positions in relation to the positions of the racks. These visual deterrents can be attached directly to rack legs, and they’re designed to meet all international and national standards for rack safety.

Choose A Quality Racking System From The Outset

The best way to protect your pallet racking system from damage is by choosing a quality system from the very outset. Companies like Simply Rack offer an expansive selection of high-quality rack designs. While your business might be focused on saving money in this area, these systems will play the greatest role in protecting and preserving your merchandise. Choosing quality push-back, cantilever, drive-in, or pallet flow racking systems from the start, will allow for a safe, secure, and optimally stable setup. As such, your system will have the absolute best ability to withstand serious impacts.

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