How To Remotely Access Router With Netgear Genie Setup

Netgear Genie Setup is an app that runs on both desktops and mobile devices. It is used to maintain, set up, as well as troubleshoot your home or office network. Basically, the app provides a dashboard having different sections namely Network Map, Speed Test, Parental Control, Guest Network, Wireless Settings, and Tools.

By using this genie app for Windows, Mac, Android or iOS, one can get the following advantages:

In addition to this, one can remotely access their home router using it. Don’t know how to do so? Well, we have got you covered.

Let’s say you have a wireless router already installed in your house and you need to access it immediately but you are far away from home network. Let us tell you that it is 100% possible with genie app. In this how-to article, we will make you well-versed regarding how to use Netgear Genie Setup to access router in a remote manner. Allow us to explain in details.

Access your Home Router Remotely

It is just a three-step process to get the job done. Read on.

Create a Remote Access Genie Account

In order to utilize remote access feature of app on your PC, you have to create an account. Post that, register your home router with the account you made. Here are the steps to do so:

Confirm your account via the email you receive. Once done, register your home router with your Netgear account.

Register Home Router

Walk through the instructions below to get the job done:

Congratulations to you. Your home router is successfully registered with your account.

Remotely Access Router

To do so, you need a wireless or wired PC, newest version of genie app, and a web browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer. Here’re the steps:

Now, you can change and manage wireless settings. As soon as you are done with changes, click on Logout and exit Remote Access.

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