Ideal Gadgets For Smart Business Travelers

Traveling for work can be excellent for broadening your horizons, but it can also get extremely tiring. If you have to go on a lot of business trips, you can spend a lot of time unable to get any work done, but knowing that there’s plenty for you to do. If you want to make sure that being stuck in an airport or in a hotel room with awful WiFi won’t stop you working, you need the right gadgets. From smartphones and tablets to portable wireless hotspots, there are lots of things that will make your travels less stressful and allow you to get work done on the move. Consider these devices to help you make the most of each trip.


Business travel can take you across the country, or it can lead you halfway around the world. Although you might make an effort to learn some key phrases in each new language, there’s no time to become fluent for every country you visit. That’s where translating technology comes in, such as the Sigmo. The compact translating gadget can translate into 25 different languages to help you communicate with the locals. You can also put Google Translate and similar apps on your smartphone.

The Ideal Business Smartphone

Speaking of smartphones, you need the best one for conducting business. Even if you don’t have a laptop or tablet with you, you should have a phone for essential tasks. With something like the Windows Lumia 640 smartphone, you can have access to essential files, as well as being able to make important phone calls and use the internet. If you don’t need to do any heavy work, such as typing or creating presentations while you’re on the move, a smartphone is all you need.

Laptop Lock

If you do need to take your laptop on your travels, you might worry about its safety. You often need to be more vigilant of pickpockets and thieves when you’re traveling. You can often find yourself working in cafes or airports, but what do you do if you want to use the bathroom or get a drink? Pack it up and take it with you, risking losing your seat? Using the Kensington laptop lock, you don’t have to. Using a combination lock in the charging port, you can secure your laptop to the surface you’re using.

Portable Charger

You don’t want your phone or other devices to run out of juice in the middle of the day. But when you’re traveling, there isn’t always a convenient place to charge it. Enter a portable charger, such as the Wallet Titan, which you can easily fit in your bag or pocket. It’s an excellent backup in an emergency.

Portable WiFi Hotspots

Need a wireless connection wherever you go? You can take a portable hotspot with you on your travels to help you out. There are lots you can choose from, but a mini 3G or 4G device will fit perfectly into any bag or pocket.

Don’t go on your next business trip until you have all the latest gadgets. You’ll be much happier next time you’re waiting for a flight, on a train or on your own in a hotel room.

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