Improve The Decor Of The Living Room With The Following 3 Items

There is no doubt – just one single piece of a new furniture or a strange piece of decoration can change completely your mood and vision about the atmosphere in the living room. Imagine the result with a couple or more different items and next are some great examples, which should be high on your shopping list:

1) A powerful lighting that can wash light through the heart of the house. You don`t need a lot of talent for decoration to take a pick of the perfect place for the lighting. Just center it right in the middle of the ceiling and you can transform the night into a day, as well as enjoy some truly appealing contrasting shadows and a game of reflections from the glossy surfaces of the furnishings. However, if you place the lights in a way that they can face the door or the windows, for example, you can get that magical effect of the light passing from one room through another. That`s why a new lighting is always a good idea if you want to improve the home decor and the best thing is that they are easy for cleaning by Flat Cleaners London Ltd. Modernist lights can range from simple branch-themed lights to lights with complex iron and wooden frames, which further disperse the light and provide a greater range of contrasts, shadows and reflections. Or else, consider placing a new table lamp in the living room, which is always at easy reach, and that can transform the atmosphere in only one corner of the room.

2) A new sofa, a chair or another big piece of furniture, which purpose is to make you feel the gravity in a much cozier and natural way. Choose a sofa that`s upholstered in strange irregular patterns if you like a more extraordinary ambiance with lush colors and shapes. A sofa with more pastel hues is a better solution if you prefer a more traditional or vintage look for your living room. Not to mention that it may be a small cocktail or a side table. When you combine it with a small decorative cushion on top, the table can change into the perfect seating place for some improvised situations, as well as when you just want to change the mood for a while. A great advice is to avoid placing an upholstered furniture near the windows, because they get dirty quite quickly and you may need to do some house cleaning quite frequently. Another hint is to choose a sofa with a completely different design according to the decoration of the living room. This will give you a contrasting highlight, which will turn the sofa or the lounge chair, for example, into the most remarkable object in the room.

3) A hand-knotted carpet or rug is the third highlight in the list. The small carpets are much easier for cleaning and displacing, while for maintaining a big and heavy carpet, you may call a professional carpet cleaning company at least once a year. Yet all depends on the wearing, and the way you take care about the carpet. In all cases, the carpets are a beautiful addition to the floor motifs, and you can completely change the atmosphere of the living room by placing only one carpet. From breaking the rules by combining two, three or more carpets one on top of another, to a handmade carpet with your own decoration motifs – the carpets and the rugs are a really mood changing item, especially during the long winter nights.

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