Keeping Roofs Clean Can Save Money

By talking to a Chicago roofing company you will come to know that the majority of people, who decide on roof replacement, often do it for the wrong reasons. Roof replacement is costly, so, much care and thought has to be given in taking a decision. Every roof has a designated life span at the end of which it has to be replaced. But it is often seen that roof replacements are done much before the expiry of the life of the roof.  The roof is the single largest investment in a house and the money spent on it can be justified by enjoying its entire life span. Early replacement of roof would mean loss on two counts – you are deprived of the return on your investment and you make fresh investment much ahead of time. But what are the wrong reasons, which if identified can prevent the loss?

Wrong Reasons for Roof Replacement

The top wrong reason for pre-mature roof replacement is to decide about replacement just because the roof looks ugly due to algae formation, fearing that it might damage the roof someday. While it is true that algae growth might damage roofs, but it has to be considered whether there are ways of preventing it. Similarly, if the roof is exposed to acid rain, tar is visible through the shingles, shingles are worn out, and improper gutter installation and granule loss are some other reasons which for pre-mature roof replacement but there are ways of preventing it. Only because proper roof maintenance was ignored, the damage became so glaring and compelled the owners to take wrong decisions.

Taking Proper Care of Roof

Entrusting a Chicago roofing company to look after your roof can save you from wasting money on wrong investment.  And even replacement will be of no use because if proper care is not taken, the new roof would meet with the same fate. The services of the roofing company will ensure that the roof is always kept clean and free from growth of algae that happens from spores carried by wind. Allowing spores to grow can turn the roof black and make it look ugly. It could take as little as 5 years for algae stains to show up and is sure to harm the roof in only 12 years.

Why to Clean Roofs?

Paying attention to regular roof cleaning by a professional Chicago roofing company would ensure that the clean looks are always maintained. Although it may be debated if algae growth is responsible for damaging roofs, there is no doubt that the growth of moss and lichens if allowed to persist can damage shingles. The roots penetrate into the shingles and lichen can corrode shingles making it appear as if damaged by hail falling on it.  The growth of algae is a clear sign that moss and lichen are sure to follow closely at its heels.

Spending a small sum on roof cleaning can save you a lot of money on pre-mature roof replacement.

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