Major Changes: 5 Home Renovations For An Easier Sell

Major Changes: 5 Home Renovations For An Easier Sell

When it comes time to sell a house, many people either are comfortable about how the home looks, or simply don’t have the money to make what may be perceived as expensive renovations. However, putting even a small bit of money to renovate specific areas of a house even before the idea of selling pops into your mind can help make selling it so much easier when the time comes. Below are five home renovations that will get the attention of buyers and perhaps give you some flexibility in boosting the asking price.


People’s first impression of your house is what your yard looks like, so it’s imperative that this area be addressed. Otherwise known as curb appeal, this can be as simple as making sure the grass is cut (and looks as green as possible), fixing cracks in the driveway or sidewalk, painting the house (if necessary) or having trees planted.


When a potential buyer walks into your home, having proper lighting will help emphasize all it has to offer, while window coverings will also factor in this discussion. Also, by replacing fluorescent with LED lighting, the monthly savings in electric bills will be worth mentioning.


If you don’t already have it, wood flooring can have a major impact on home buyers, and certainly stands out from the usual carpeted or tile floor. If you do have wood floors, getting them refinished or fixing any imperfections in them will help you make it easier when it comes to sell.


Unless your kitchen is a disaster or your appliances are due to be replaced soon, there’s no need to have a full-blown makeover of this area just to sell your home. Refinishing the cabinets and replacing the sink will present a better appearance, while a new quality countertop also stands out. Also, before a showing consider clearing up counter space to give the impression of room and openness.


When showing your home, the bathroom is perhaps the most important area since everything from the wallpaper to the fixtures will be under scrutiny from a buyer. Make sure everything is relatively new or at least gives the impression of being high-quality material and you won’t have any reason to fret.

One thing to remember in doing any major renovations in Surrey is not to necessarily focus on any one current trend, since people’s tastes change all the time and what you like may not be what the buyers like. The more unique your home is the less of a chance it might appeal to others. These suggestions offer a window into what it takes to get the most out of your home before a “For Sale” sign goes up.

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