Making The Most Of Your Yard and Property

Most homeowners will do a little landscaping and call it a day. Mulched flower beds around the house are pretty and ad curb appeal, but they do little for you when it comes to functionality. By adding the proper lighting, working gardens, and an entertainment area to your yard you will be getting the most you can out of your property.


Most homes already have a porch light or two, but installing functional lighting around your property will allow you to enjoy the space for more hours each day. Use small solar powered landscape lights to line walkways and drives. String lights can be hung around decks, patios, or any other space where people gather so you don’t have to rush inside once the sun goes down. Place large street lights on utility poles like those from Brown Wood Preserving Company to flood the area with light.

Working Gardens

Flower gardens are beautiful, but vegetable gardens can serve several important purposes. Making the garden a family project will make children feel involved and teach them about nutritious foods and where they come from. The work needed to have a successful vegetable garden provides an excellent way to get some exercise, and the foods you grow yourself will taste wonderful. You can keep that creativity growing by challenging family members to find new recipes that use your fresh vegetables.


The backyard is the ideal place for entertaining guest. This is especially true on a cool summer evening. If you don’t have a deck or patio, you can build your own recreational spot anywhere in your yard. It can be a simple project that consists of placing a tent like awning over a table and chairs or you can actually build a roof supported by columns where you can place outdoor furniture underneath. Either project can be highlighted with an outdoor grilling area.

With these small additions to your property, you will find that you and your family will spend more time outdoors. You will also find that everyone gets more enjoyment out of the space as well. Get the entire family involved in each of these projects. The result is a home you will all love and feel proud of.

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