Medical Jobs – Top 10 Job Searches

Top ten hottest health care and medical jobs, training requirements, and the reasons people are running to the medical industry.

1 – Registered Nurse

2 – Home Health Aid

3 – Medical Assistant

4 – Pharmacy Technician

5 – Medical Secretary

6 – Dental Assistant

7 – Healthcare Administrator

8 – Medical Records and Health Information Technician

9 – Physical Therapist

10 – EMT and Paramedic

  1. Registered Nurses – Registered Nurse jobs make up 2.5 million of the medical industry jobs today.

Approved nursing program diploma, an associate degree, or bachelor’s degree

  1. Home Health Aid – Skill requirements and rate of pay are both low, but, these jobs are expected to have rapid growth due to the home health care industry getting larger.

Most Home Health Aids receive on the job training although, “The National Association for Home Care and Hospice” (NAHC) offers certification for personal and home care aides.

  1. Medical Assistant – Medical Assistant jobs are supposed to be one of the fastest growing jobs over this next decade.

Formal training is not always required. Most Medical Assistants receive on the job training. Some college’s and junior college’s offer certificate programs for medical assistants.

  1. Pharmacy Technician- Pharmacy Technician jobs are expected to be good for those who are certified.

Most Pharmacy Technicians receive on the job training, although certification is available and favored.

  1. Medical Secretary – Secretaries and administrative assistants made up for about 4.2 billion jobs in 2006. It’s expected that medical secretary jobs will keep growing along with the medical industry.

Most secretaries are armed with a high school diploma, and take courses as needed. Medical and legal secretaries need special courses.

  1. Dental Assistant – Job opportunities look great for the feature. The dental industry has seen huge growth and expects to see much more.

While many Dental Assistants are trained on the job many receive training via community colleges, trade schools, technical institutes, or the Armed Forces. Some States require licensure or registration, which may include passing a written or practical examination.

  1. Healthcare Administrator – Job opportunities in Pakistan will be great, especially for applicants with work experience in health care and strong business and management skills.

On-the-job experience may substitute for formal education although most jobs require masters, or will take a bachelors degree.

  1. Medical Records and Health Information Technician – Jobs are expected to increase faster than average.

Most enter the field with an associates degree.

  1. Physical Therapist – There is an above average outlook for a career as a Physical Therapist. About 6 out of 10 physical therapists work in hospitals.

A master’s degree from an accredited physical therapy program is the minimum level of education for a person looking for a career as a physical therapist.

  1. EMT and Paramedic- Positions are expected to become available fast due to paid positions taking place of unpaid volunteers.

You must have a high school diploma, and obtain training and certification to become a EMT/Paramedic.

This medical jobs overview is for the millions of job seekers that are looking for new stable career options, as we enter into the next century. Also, my heart goes out to the millions of men and woman who have recently become displaced from their work place, due to these harsh economic times. Good luck on your job quests and God Bless.

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