Mold Causes Uncomfortable Allergic Symptoms

Mold Causes Uncomfortable Allergic Symptoms

Mold growth can occur in any building that has too much moisture and a high humidity level. When a home has mold, you can experience uncomfortable symptoms such as watery eyes, itchy skin or sinus congestion. To get rid of mold inside a residential or commercial property, you need the mold remediation Maryland experts who work for MoldGone LLC. The efficient removal of mold from a structure requires a team of knowledgeable technicians who have the correct cleaning equipment to eliminate the spores.

Request Professional Air Quality Testing

First, the technicians working for MoldGone will inspect a building in order to find where mold is lurking in order to create a plan for a cleanup. It is also essential for the technicians to determine why the mold is growing in a particular area of a building. As a property owner, you will need to have a leaking roof or broken water pipe repaired to avoid having moisture on drywall and insulation layers to prevent new mold growth.

Technicians can Find Hidden Mold

If you can’t see visible mold on surfaces but suspect there is contamination inside a property, then request an air quality test from the MoldGone team. Mold might grow in hidden spaces inside a building, but you can still suffer from allergy symptoms from the growth. If a test for mold comes back as positive, then technicians will need to determine where the growth is occurring. Mold is often growing between walls or inside a building’s ductwork, and this growth requires removal immediately.

Ductwork Cleaning and Contamination Removal 

MoldGone has the equipment to remove mold from a building’s ventilation system, and technicians can also rip away carpets, paneling or drywall to find the contamination underneath these materials. The materials that are contaminated with mold growth require removal from a building to keep the damage from spreading, and our technicians are responsible for throwing away mold-damaged materials according to local regulations.

Technicians can Make Building Repairs

After damaged materials are removed, technicians will apply chemicals that are designed to eliminate the remaining mold spores. In addition, if there is an odor from the mold contamination, the technicians can apply deodorizers to help a building smell better. Property owners can also request repairs such as replacement of drywall and floor tiles in order to have a building returned to its previous condition.

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