Moving Tips To Ease Your Transition

That long-planned move of yours will soon take place. Ideally, it will be a smooth transition, one that you can get through with a minimum amount of fuss. Even so, you need to carefully plan this move to ensure that everything is accomplished on time.

  1. Make a list. You will need to make a list to note what you will be bringing with you and where it will be located in your new home. What doesn’t make the list should be sold, donated or discarded.
  1. Pack an overnight bag. The day before you move and likely the day after you move will be crazy. You’ll need to have an overnight bag on hand to keep your personal effects, including prescription medicines and toiletries, on hand. Have enough for a few days, just in case.
  1. First things first. Imagine arriving at your new location only to find that the things you need most are buried away. Good luck with trying to find what you need. You can solve this problem by clearly marking the important containers. Furthermore, put your important furnishings in a clear container for easy locating later.
  1. Label everything correctly. Procure over sized labels to stick on boxes and containers. These labels should include the contents of that box and the room that they’ll be located in within the home.
  1. Sandwich bags make a difference. For small items, especially screws, bolts and other parts to larger items, these things can easily get lost. Pick up a box of lockable sandwich bags and place these items within, marking same.
  1. Pack with what you have. Secure boxes and containers are the way to go. These should withstand heavy weight and hold enough items to make a difference for you. Besides bubble wrap, stuff each box with old clothing, socks and other soft materials to hold them securely in place.
  1. Pictures, please. It took you hours to connect your electronics, something you dread doing again. One great way to ease the process is to take pictures of your wiring before you unplug everything. When you arrive at your new destination, refer to the pictures to make a quick connection advises Smart Box Moving.
  1. Just bag your clothes. Not everything you pack needs to go inside of boxes. As for the clothes in your closet, use large trash bags to hold them, keeping your items on the hangers and dropping them into a bag.
  1. Clear out your food pantry. You may take some foods with you, but if your new location is a day or more away, then clear out your food pantry and refrigerator. Give these items to people that help you move. You can also give them first dibs on any furniture you don’t want to take with you.
  1. Hire a cleaning company. You’ll be too tired to clean your home once you move. Line up the services of a cleaning company to perform a final cleaning after your home has been cleared out. Consider hiring another company for your new destination to ensure that the home is spotless.

Moving Considerations

Planning your move carefully can help you avoid problems down the road. Plan early and you’ll have enough time to make adjustments, as needed, later on.

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