Replacing The Hinge On A UPVC Window Pane

The hinge that links the window pane with the window frame, wears out after some time. As it is continuously exposed to changing weathers, dust and rain. Whatever be the case, using these hinges can be injurious, as they do not function properly. If you apply excessive force to open or close the window then, you can hurt yourself or break the window pane or the hinge. In either case, you will have to get the hinge replaced.

To change the hinge on your window pane, the first step is to find the right hinge to replace it. Before stating down the steps to replace a hinge I’ve made a few assumptions.


Now that you are aware of hinges, so let’s proceed with the steps to change the worn out hinge at your place.

Step 1: As mentioned above, the first step is to find the right hinge to replace the worn out hinge. For that, you need to measure the hinge with that of the previous hinge. In the image below, you will find the way to measure your hinge. IT is measured by the outermost size of the track.

Step 2: Measure the total length of the hinge. The gaps on the hinge will adjust perfectly if you have the right sized hinge. So, when fixing the new hinge make sure you place it exactly where the last hinge was.

Step 3: This is the most difficult part of placing a hinge. UPVC hinges are of 2 types

In the image above, you will be able to see the use of each type of hinge. Do not confuse yourself and place the wrong hinge. The image mentioned above show the inside view(the view from your room) of your window section.

Use the right hinge and you won’t face any difficulty in finding the place to screw the hinge to the window frame. You don’t need to change the holes, and if you do, it is recommended that you fill the previous hole up first to avoid water, mist and dust particles from entering and damaging your window frame.

Step 4: place the hinge and screw it tightly using the proper tool. Be cautious and do not leave any space and the right screw length. If the screw is too long, then it might hamper the window pane’s movement.

And the hinge of your window is replaced just like that.

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