Samsung Galaxy Note and Galaxy S6 : Which You Choose

Samsung-Galaxy-S6 vs Galaxy-S5

If the advancement has an address then it belongs to the Samsung Galaxy Note 5. We are still staring at the path of its release with bang. It is reportedly considering that Note 5 will be coming with splendid performance and will be leading the Samsung to some level.

Take a brief look of the Note 5 specs and features.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Specifications and Features

There are number of people buzzing around  Galaxy Note 5’s design is inspired by the flagship Galaxy S6, then You can judge the what Note5 is all about. Galaxy S6 is undoubtedly, the star of the year as it lies all useful stuffs for the general and hi-end performance. This is the great device ever tested and it is somehow very close to compete the Apple iPhone 8 in tremendous ways. check also LG G5

If you will compare there are many splendid stuffs on the sleeves of Note 5 as well. Whether it is in terms of premium design. In the Galaxy S6 Samsung has strived for full throttle with a QHD display panel and it has sustained to keep the battery life very moderately good indeed. There is an ongoing approach to QHD has been to run for phablet as it provides larger battery cells. However, by far you must know that the Galaxy S6 battery is not as decent as we were expecting. Even you can conclude that Galaxy S6 is handling that corner pretty well.

The rare phablet who can certify the larger battery cell and which can allow it to use a QHD display too. There is also the medium of the power efficiency well that may be the processor tech; Super-efficient 14 nanometer Exynos octa-core silicon by Samsung. The chip, which can cut and be dry, will fit inside the Note 5, but it is generally similarities between the flagship and its Note equally. You know the nature of Samsung with Qualcomm it will use more its own produced chips.

However, the reason we use Exynos as it is so great aside from battery life and it is amazingly powerful. You can say that the Galaxy S6 is the quickest handset with quick performance.

Well this development we have seen after long time. Note 5 is most probably likely to be in the same boat. If you will review Galaxy S6 then you can get the idea about Note 5 and what it is upto, which is coming September 2015 to hit the market unexpectedly with its existing features.

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