Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Galaxy S5: A Contrast

Samsung-Galaxy-S6 vs Galaxy-S5

There are several people who are passionate about using Samsung Galaxy S6, which will be reached the market with unique specification and features. This Galaxy S6 would have occupied the top most position in Samsung Galaxy market. In each and every year the Samsung Company will launching a new version of Samsung Galaxy. Galaxy S6 would have the same features as that of Galaxy S5 along with some additional features. Definitely you may see something special in this Samsung Galaxy S6. This Samsung Galaxy S6 may made available to the fanatics of Samsung all over the world. You may download more games and videos in this Galaxy S6.

Release Date And Price Details

When it comes to release date, the versions of Galaxy S5 is already released in the market. This Samsung Galaxy S5 was released in the year 2014 in the month of April. On the other hand, Samsung Galaxy S6 can be expected in the year of 2015. Samsung Galaxy S6 would have more options and facility; you may download and install any software in this mobile. The Samsung Company will afford the sensible price rate to both Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6. The price rate of Samsung S5 is 750 USD. This is the starting rate of this Samsung Galaxy S5, and next the Samsung Galaxy S6 would have maximum price rate of 800 USD.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Vs Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S6 would have great and popular hardware and software specification. When compared to performance of Samsung Galaxy S5, the S6 would have high speed and effective fast. The Samsung Galaxy S6 would have Samsung Exynos of 8000 and 16-core of the processor; this is mainly assisted to boost the performance of Samsung Galaxy S6. It also would have a snapdragon Qualcomm of 810 and 64 bits. The memory capacity of this Galaxy S6 is 4 GB of RAM memory whereas on-board memory capacity of Samsung Galaxy S6 is 128 GB. In addition, it also would have full HD of flexible display and the resolution of this Samsung Galaxy S6 is 8k. This Galaxy S6 has 21 MP of UPS that means the Ultra Pixel Sensor. This Samsung Galaxy S6 is an Android 5.0 version and it would have a battery capacity of 3300-3500 mAh.

Design And Display

The design of Samsung Galaxy S6 would contain premium material whereas the structure and overall design is too outstanding to operate. The Samsung Galaxy S6 also would have flagship design part and this is one of the prominent aspects in this design part of Galaxy S6. According to the design of Galaxy S6 it would have latest changes and it will overcome the features of Samsung Galaxy S5. You can expect the next version of this Galaxy Samsung that is Samsung Galaxy S7, in the near future. The major features of Galaxy S6 are improved deign part, protection and slim design. The Samsung Galaxy S6 would have excellent display like display mate of lavish along with praise. The HD resolution of Galaxy S6 is 1400*2650, with full HD display resolution. The Galaxy S6 will jump in size of 5.5 inches similar as LG G3.

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