Selecting The Best Type Of Solar Photo Voltaic Panel

The market is flooded with various products related to the solar power system. The solar power is renewable source of energy. The government subsidies have ensured low cost of electricity generation from solar power. This not only creates a pollution free environment for your home or office, but also ensures a sustainable future for your children.

It becomes important to know about the various types of solar panels so that one can make a better informed choice that suits his situation. The PV cells are the most expensive part of the solar system, hence making a good choice in this regard becomes very important.

These PV cells consist of a groovy mélange of silicon interlaced with thin silicon wires. They are not the most efficient type of PV cells, but the overall construction design compensates that. This also means that they are not the most expensive type of panels, as they are made of thin films of silicon. This means that they are fit for very big projects on farm lands, which have ample space for them to be installed. These types of PV cells are generally not preferred for the roof tops.

This type of PV cell is the most efficient, but it comes with an expense. They are expensive than the Muti-silicon PV cells. They are ideal to be used on roof tops due to their higher efficiency. They are expensive, but higher efficiency also means that you need fewer of these panels. They have a general Square cell structure.

These PV cells as the name suggests form a part of your roof. They provide good aesthetics to the roof and also produce electricity. But like every good looking thing, they are also expensive. They have a general lifespan less than that of regular PV cells. They are less efficient than the conventional PV cells. The panels can also be differentiated based on their configuration:

These are most common type of cells, where Aluminum frame is used to hold the PV cells.

They are a bit expensive and serve the purpose of providing a better aesthetic outlook to your roof.

They are fixed directly over a tiled rooftop. These are also expensive but are much easy to install.

These types of PV cells come in big rolls, so that they can be easily installed on your rooftops. Though they are not as efficient as other PV cells, they offer an advantage of easy installation.

There are many other factors one should take care of, while choosing solar power system:

There are many parameters associated with installation of solar power systems at home or office. One should research the subject before choosing a product to make the best choice and reap the benefits in the long turn. Any queries related to solar power systems can be made at http://orange-county.solar/. They have experienced team which is always happy to help.

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