Smoking Is The Fact Of Mental Disease!!

Smoking Is The Fact Of Mental Disease!!

Smoking that is very contagious to health is known to all. But the chain smokers don’t want to understand or realize the fact that how much it can effect with a very negative impact on their body and mental condition also. Whatever, from many researches, we always got to know that just a single smoking can be the cause of huge and fatal diseases of your health. But from a recent experience, it had also found that the smoking not only the cause of physical illness, but also can be a great cause of mental illness too.

From the recent experiment and statistics of London King’s College, a result found out that, the non smokers leads a very happy and peaceful life than the regular smokers in both physical and mental lives. However, the experiment had happened between the 53000 smokers and 73000 non smoker people. There were several steps in the experiment. But in every step, the non smokers could win very easily than the chain smokers. SO, the positive results obviously went to the side of non smoking people. They proved positive in both physical and psychological ways.

The scientists, who had coordinated the experiment, proved that the regular smokers used to suffer various kinds of mental diseases included by insomnia and schizophrenia also. As some of the drugs are strongly familiar as the sleeping pills and make the brain inactive to work. These pills may give you relieve for the very few moments, but they also work like the slow poisoning for your whole body. It may damage your all body parts and affect with a horrific impact to your brain. And make it unable to think any creative thinking like before you could. This issue was highlighted in democrats debate live streaming 2016.

You may already know that smoking is one of the great causes of mixture kinds of fatal and harmful diseases which cannot be recovered fully. Anyone may start smoking by the curiosity, and also can, start it by the negative influences of the bad companies. But at a time, this curiosity can become a habit and the smokers can’t stay so far from smoking. Even it affects to them too much badly that they can scène create a very nasty scene with their family and friends if they could not get the sufficient money or smoking elements on time according to their desire.

Well! From the above discussion, it can only be said that every person should think their own benefit. You can be advised by others that which is good or bad for you. But if you don’t control yourself from any kinds of bad doings, then no one can co-operate you. So, it doesn’t matter your bad companies are influencing you for smoking or not, but you have to control yourself from this kind of bad doings. Because you have to remember that, if you get addicted to it once, you will not be able to keep stay away from it so much easily in future.

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