Surge Arresters- Saving Your Electrical Systems From External and Internal Threats

In an industry, all the systems work in the direction to bring maximum out of the industry. The efficiency and productivity of the industry depend on the proper working of the various systems used in that industry. One such system used in any industry is the electrical network. The industrial electrical network bears a very high voltage of electricity to run the heavy machines used in that industry. If you do not care for your industry’s electrical system, the machines will not get the adequate electrical supply, which will lead to lower productivity and heavy economical losses.

Another major reason for proper care of your high voltage electrical network is the safety. Without proper care, the high voltage electrical system can cause serious accidents, which are harmful for both the equipment and people of your company.

In order to ensure maximum safety in your industry, you need to install proper safety equipment in your high voltage electrical circuits and one such component is the surge arresters. For high voltage electrical networks, there are many threats, which can damage the network externally and internally. These threats include lightening and switching. The lightening and internal switching create small transient currents, which cause power surges or fluctuations in the power supply to the equipment. These power surges can be very dangerous for the electrical circuits and equipment and damage them easily.

In order to save the high voltage systems from these power surges, surge arresters are installed near the heavy equipment like transformers to absorb the transient currents created due to lightening or switching and avoid power surges.

Compaq is among the finest surge arresters manufacturers in the country and offers a wide range of electrical products with very high quality and long service life. The surge arresters offered by Compaq are made from high grade polymers and offer a long life without the need for any major service or frequent replacement. The working range of Compaq surge arresters is also very wide, and hence they are suitable for requirements of many different clients.

Technical Specifications

Rated Voltage KV r.m.s. 27KV 30KV 33KV 36KV
Continuous Operation Voltage KV r.m.s. 22 24.4 27.5 29
1/5 Unit Steep current residual voltage KV 5KA 86.4 95.8 107.9 115
10KA 91.2 101.1 113.9 119
8/20 us lighting impulse residual voltage KV 5KA 77.1 85.5 96.3 105
10KA 81.2 90 101.4 110
30/60 U switching impulse residual voltage KV 5KA 58.6 65 73.2 78
10KA 60.9 67 76.1 84
2 ms rectangular current, A 5KA 200 200 200 200
10KA 400 400 400 400
4/10 u high current impulse KA 5KA 65 65 65 65
10KA 100 100 100 100
Insulation housing withstand voltage KV Lighting Impulse 125 170 170 185
Power Frequency 55 70 70 85

When you choose Compaq for all your electrical requirements, you rest assured that you are getting the topmost quality products with the best performance and a long life.

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