The Right Way To Maintain Your Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner is an investment that you use on a regular basis. Thus, it must be well taken care of in order to ensure that it lasts longer. This will not only offer you value for money, but will also alleviate the need to refer to expensive professional repair services every once in a while. You must make sure that all parts of the equipment are working properly by conducting regular inspections. Here are some easy and safe maintenance tips that you can make use of in order to extend the life of this useful equipment.

The Basic Guidelines

When you buy vacuum cleaners for sale, you will be given a manual to refer to in case of an emergency situation. It is important for you to refer to this book since the components of the machine can differ from one to another. Any guidebook will ask you to follow three basic steps before you move on to seek professional help. First, you must untangle the cord and see to its disposal. Next, you have to check the bags. Check whether it is overheated or full. Finally, see whether you accidently picked up any large items such as a sock or coins through the hose.

The Gadgets

The primary component of the equipment is the floorhead also known as the beater bar. You simply need to flip it over and see whether it is debris that needs to be removed. When you dismantle the floorhead, you have to make sure that all the bolts are safely stored till the cleaning is done. Remove the brush roll and get rid of all the debris that surrounds it. It is better use a scissor instead of using your hands. You might have to replace the brush roll from time to time – This depends on how regularly you use the equipment.

The Filters

Dirty filters make your vacuum less efficient. You need to ensure that the filters are functioning properly on the hoover. While some filters have to be completely replaced, others only require a good washing. Check with the manual to see what procedure to follow. The cleaning method will also depend on the type of filter that you use. If it is foam filter then you can simply wash it with tap water and dry it. However, if it is a plastic filter, you might not want to use water. A simple dusting with a soft cloth should suffice.


You must always first unplug the cleaner before you start to clean or repair it. This will prevent any possible physical or electrical injury. A cleaner that stops working abruptly might be overheated. In this case, do not try to fix the problem immediately. Let the machine cool down for an hour or so. You can also check the condition of the machine by monitoring the noises it makes while it is working. It is best to seek professional help if the problem seems too complicated and out of hand since you can injure yourself or damage the machine.

It must be understood that any vacuum cleaner can be cleaned and maintained by simply looking out for issues in the floorhead, the hose and the bags on a regular basis.

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