Tips to Keep Warm This Holiday Season

Tips to Keep Warm This Holiday Season

Although the weather turns colder during the holiday season, you don’t need to feel gloomy or low-spirited about it. We know that staying warm during the winter months is always in the top of your list, but don’t worry! We gathered tips on how to keep you and your home warm and cozy to cheer you up and let you enjoy every bit of the ‘most wonderful time of the year’.

Program your thermostat

Programming your thermostat attached to your heating units will let you maintain the warm temperature your house needs all day round. Aside from being an effective heating mechanism, it will also help you save money by setting it up to 56 degrees before leaving the house empty and while sleeping and increase it to 68 degrees once you got home.

Make sure your flue is closed

When you do not have fire going in your fireplace do not forget to close your flue since cold air will enter through this ventilation shaft which will make your house colder and will let the heated air in your home escape. This is also the same reason why you must use your fireplace less although it keeps you warm because keeping your chimney open also pulls cold air into your house.

Move furniture away from vents

If your heating system uses vents to warm the room, then move your furniture away from them to make sure they are not blocking the vents to attain an efficient heating process.

Keep your humidifier running

You may utilize your humidifier to add more heat inside your home since humid air makes the surroundings warmer than dry air.

Reverse the switch of your ceiling fan

Through reversing the switch of your ceiling fan and using it in its lowest speed will make the warm air from the ceiling go down and create more heat. However, if it just cooled down your house more, you may opt not to use it.

Seal air passageways

You must cover all natural air passageways including door and window gaps to make sure cold air will not sneak into your house and that heat will not escape.

Other things to do to feel cozy and warm

Here are other handy tips that you might follow to enjoy the holiday while keeping yourself warm during the winter season:

Written by the staff of Controlled Aire Heating and Cooling in Moberly, MO.

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