Top 5 Benefits Of using Advanced Doorbell Video Camera

Top 5 Benefits Of using Advanced Doorbell Video Camera

Gone are the days when you had to think twice before opening the door when someone ringed the doorbell at midnight, especially while being alone.  But no worries, with advanced security systems, you can safely monitor the person standing at your doorstep and to let the person come in.

Fortunately, technology has been the major path breaking solution for all your queries. Security systems have been wisely upgraded to solve your solution of taking care of your home, whether you’re in or away from your space. One such is the door bell video camera that allows you to watch the person standing at your doorstep from wherever you’re. These digital peepholes let you watch who’s there in the glance through the digital display on your door. Compatible with your Smartphone, it gets live streamed from the doorbell camera.

If you’re concerned about being away and want to monitor the visitor, then no worries. The upgraded tech has Wi-Fi enabled you to see who’s there. The best part is the device can capture the moments of the visitors even if the doorbell is not ranged. By having these benefits, one cannot deny how much beneficial doorbell video camera could be as a part of security features.

Let us now dig into it more on how helpful video doorbell camera could be in terms of security:

  1. No More Wiring Required: Also known as the wireless doorbell, one of the benefits homeowners can have is no more hanging on wires which makes the space look cluttered. Moreover, it brings down the cost of assembling wired doorbell along with the installation, the same which you’ll pay for the wireless doorbell. So there are two benefits- firstly no wiring involved and secondly reduction in the cost of installation.
  2. Portability: Compared to the wired doorbell that has to be fitted at the particular location, wireless is portable and can be moved anywhere. In some occasions, you might be sitting in your bedroom listening to the song in full volume, and the doorbell might go unnoticed. During such situation, carrying portable doorbell video camera can prove useful. This means even if you’re in front of the music system, you can still listen to the doorbell.
  3. Innovation at its Peak: The portable doorbell video camera is itself a significant change. To add more, companies are innovating in terms of added features to make the device go user-friendly. This includes- Night Vision Monitor, Indoor & Outdoor Unit Surface Mount, Hand free model, different tones and few others.
  4. Live Video Recording: At times when you’re not present at home, you may miss the visitor who might have arrived with a parcel. Fortunately, you don’t have to miss such visitors by having Live Video Recording. The recording is useful for tracking the visitor and monitoring it later so that you can contact the person for the inconvenience.
  5. Price: Wireless doorbells are inexpensive compared to wired doorbells. The reason being, it requires less labour work and no wiring. Online surveillance and system companies are offering these devices under less price with no or minimum installation charges.

Device making companies have a strong hold with advanced monitoring & a security solution company to provide them with various security systems. Be it for CP Plus client or any other solution provider brand in India; the ultimate aim is to offer a quality security solution for end customers.

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