Unique Angles On Wedding Photography

Whether you’re the photographer or the bride-to-be, you want your wedding photos to be exceptional. A Wedding is a monumental moment which will be immortalized forever through a camera lens. You want your photos to speak the beautiful love story of your wedding. The wedding party photo, the first kiss photo, the first wearing of the rings photo– these are all beautiful, but everyone does them. Wedding photographs are not about ‘a’ couple, they’re about ‘the’ couple. That’s why your wedding photos should be unique. Below are some wonderful and creative alternatives, or additions, to your wedding photo to-do repertoire.

The Journey Begins

Capture the essence of marriage. This is a beautiful take on the journey of marriage. In most wedding photos, the bride and groom are facing the camera. Having them turned away toward a wide-open space, gives the photo an air of largeness. These two people are beginning a big journey and this photo captures that concept remarkably.

The Little People

Highlight the children who are important to the bride and groom in a special way. Whether the bride and groom have their own children or they have chosen to incorporate nieces and nephews, this type of photo symbolizes their importance to it all. Having them next to the wedding dress, arguably the most painstakingly sought after item for the wedding, reveals the closeness of the bride to the little people in her wedding. Though the children can’t help with setting-up or planning, they contribute so much with their love and participation.

A Unique Spin on the Bride and Her Maids

Try to capture a candid photo of the bride having fun with her ladies. It’ll be way more beautiful than a posed one. In this photo, the lens was sort of angled up at the bride and her girls. It is clear that the bride is the intended center of attention. The upward angle, and focus on the bride, connotes that, today, the bride is larger than life. The bride is smiling very genuinely and the photo is absolutely mesmerizing. It captures her joy about the wedding and, also, the fun she is experiencing with her right hand ladies.

The Excitement of Marriage Sinking in

As the bride and groom are leaving, capture their expressions as they begin bask in the bliss of married life. The wedding itself can seem very surreal to couples. However, as the couple is exiting, reality begins to sink in. Capture this moment have to it cherished forever. If you also incorporate confetti, as in this photo, it’ll add a pizazz of color and make the moment seem like a momentous holiday– because it is.

The Groom in Love

Instead of just getting shots of the grooms face as the bride walks down the aisle, take a picture of the bride and her beloved at the same time– as is done in this photo. By taking this photo from behind the bride, you can truly capture his love for her. She is obviously the center of his world.

Just the Way they are

Capture a photo of them doing something silly or quirky together. This sets their relationship apart. Wedding photos are the story of the commencement of eternal love and e matrimony. They should capture who these people are, in both beauty and silliness.

Wedding photos should reveal the personality of the couple and tell the story of their love. That is why they should be creative and unique for each couple. Use these ideas to inspire your creativity and capture the wedding photos of a lifetime!

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